...and away

It feels like I've been doing a lot of traveling, doesn't it?
New Hampshire and the Cape and Chicago and now Germany.
I've never traveled so far alone and I'm excited and a little anxious and still a little shell-shocked from being at the hospital with Middle. (If you've ever been with someone in a hospital for a few days you know what I mean.) K was always responsible for getting us from place to place in foreign countries and changing our money and making our plans but this time I'm on my own.

I sure hope my seat-mate isn't wearing shorts.


L.P. said…
Oh, I know you will be just fine! We're all there with you in spirit, cheering you on.
Jen on the Edge said…
Safe travels to you. I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey and hopefully seeing a photo of you in your new coat. :-)
be*mused jan said…
Bon voyage!
alice c said…
Travel safely, dearest bb, and have a wonderful time when you get there.

I can remember too clearly for comfort how overwhelmed I felt when I travelled for the first time without MrM. I was fine though - there is always someone to help you.

Tell us all about it when you get back.
Bon voyage! I can't wait to hear your take on Germany.
Suse said…
Safe and happy travels to you! And because i'm just catching up after being away myself, i'll add that i hope Middle is better.
kmkat said…
Having to be Your Own Adult is a drag, isn't it? Even as independent as I am, I still rely on DH for any number of things. Wishing you safe travels and non-threatening adventures.

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