the Cape of good Cod

K and I are off, in the morning, to the Cape.
We are staying with friends in Truro - two things we've never done: gone up with friends and stayed in Truro. We'll be in an adorable house within walking distance of the ocean and have packed enough crappe to live there a month.
We've got cheese and meat and recipes and drinks and a puzzle and a radio and are very excited about it.
We're eager to see if being up there after Labor Day effects the crowds and pleased that we'll have access to all the beaches without permits.

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 9.34.12 PM

It promises to be a week of delicious meals...

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 9.34.28 PM

time for relaxing...

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 9.34.42 PM

and maybe even a fire in the fireplace.

I'll tell you all about it.


Oh! That looks so wonderful.
You need a permit to use the beach there? Or to use it in certain ways--like to fish or have a little fire?
Paola said…
Here's something we need here: a permit to access the beaches. Imagine ...
The house looks so pretty and peaceful and your packed items sound perfect. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Early September is THE best month to be on the beach on either of the Capes, Cod or Ann. The air is brilliant, the sea is warm, and the tourists have thinned out.
Loretta said…
Passing you on the highway in the opposite direction. Looks superb for your week!
BCIslandGal said…
Holidays in September - such are the joys of grown children. I trust you to have a wonderful time and to regale us upon your return. Although I too wonder about beach permits.
Scot said…
Great place for a post-anniversary/honeymoon tryst! Have a lobsta roll for me.

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