notes from Sunday at 10:03am

There's a cicada outside our roof-window. He's reminding me that summer isn't quite over yet.
We've got a lot of things coming up, though, much to keep track of.

Next on our big list (we have a little list too) is a trip to Chicago.
Poppy is celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary and throwing a party for herself and Mr. Buxom at a swanky club. K and I have gone to great lengths to attend (I am only half-kidding).
Outfits have been acquired (do YOU have cocktail attire?), free airline tickets have been arranged, and we have a hotel room for two nights secured with banking points. To further reduce costs, I am planning on eating cereal all weekend. Not really. (I am very fond of Frosted Flakes at the moment though.) I am working long and hard on a gift for the lucky couple and will reveal it after I bestow it upon them. You forgot I can be crafty, didn't you?

After that I am off to Germany! Yep. Business trip. Hee.
I'm not ready to think about Germany from a personal perspective yet - the work stuff is pretty much planned.

I usually keep tabs open, during the week, of links I want to share. On Sunday mornings my laptop looks like this -

until I share them, like this -

I like this flexible lunch box. I don't think I'd ever use it (I am imagining mayonnaise squishing out of the sandwich and on to the lid) but I like the idea of it.

So much to read! To see! (I'm not the only person who's a little tired of Rooney Mara, am I?)

I would like everything in this photo. Whenever I browse at luxurious bedclothes (ridiculous) I cannot find anything that suits me/us. But this stuff? I WANT IT ALL.

Not the ending I expected. Lovely.

Aren't you amazed by Diana Nyad? I know this seems obvious but I was up on the Cape, swilling oysters and beer while she was swimming a hundred miles.

I think I've posted this before but I needed some time with Eleanor and I think this is my favorite clip. 

I've been enjoying this new-to-me blog. This is a perfect plan.

I'm off to craft!



raych said…
Me: Eleanor, you have made the notes! You are famous!

Eleanor: Blob, blob, blob. (She is being a jellyfish.)
kmkat said…
Washington Square Park, sigh. Elder Son lived across the street from it his freshman year and his graduation ceremony (15k grads!) was held there 4 years later. Love your links!
Paola said…
Oh that Eleanor is too much for words.
I followed Diana Nyad. What a legend!
Poppy B. said…
I've acquired an outfit, too, and I'm South-Beaching like crazy to make sure it fits!

Can't wait to see you.
Terese said…
Hi Blackbird, thanks for the computing tips - wow - you can do so much with that MacAir. I am only at the IPhone stage of Apple. Just checked in to Say La Vee with my breakfast and am uplifted by it as always. Love T
Scot said…
I just met 15 year old Danielle Wahl who swam the English Channel in record time. I do a lot of engraving for the Wahl family, swimming is a big part of their family life. I'm always engraving thank you(s) for the swim team.
Long distance swimmers amaze me. I used to surf and I CAN swim but people like Diana and Danielle live for it! Did you get in the water in Cape Cod?