We are so very lucky to have the neighbors we have.
We rarely see or hear the people who live behind us and built immediate good faith with them by removing a little-used shed which happened to be on their property to allow them to close on the house.
The home next-door to us is a rental and has always been occupied by people who are, at the very least, neighborly. The present tenant pays Oldest to shovel her walk and is quiet and keeps her yard nicely maintained.
Across the street are a couple we love. She's a psychologist and he has three businesses. Some time back he realized that he'd prefer to pay Oldest to drive him back and forth from the airport instead of using a car service. They always have an egg or some vanilla or the proverbial cup of sugar. They told us they remodeled rather than move because they love us. (We always have tools, an egg, a second or third set of shoulders to lift things - it's a perfect balance.)
Down the block on our side is the "young Irish couple" who have a toddler and are expecting their second baby. They sold their house about a month ago and then changed their minds. They realized they love it here too much to size up and are staying.
Around the corner is our Belgian pal. He's managing since the loss of his wife (whom we loved as well) and hires Oldest for boat yard work from time to time. He brings us sailing and works as a furniture refinisher. Rare is the month that he and K aren't sharing some kind of specialized tools. (This month, K is restoring an old mandolin and R has been very helpful with the specialized tools.)
There are many others we appreciate: the guy down the block who is a television producer (slightly different industry than K) who loves to gripe, the lady I used to walk with most days when I was a housewife, the family with the beagle who stop and wave, the older Irish lady who has Oldest shovel too, the Goldman Sachs guy who's built his little cape house into a mcmansion and the "nicest couple on earth with the perfect children" who, I am quite certain, find our little clan most fascinating.
Terribly lucky.
There is not a person among this diverse group who wouldn't give one of us a lift somewhere, who wouldn't help with something too heavy for just K, who wouldn't be available in an emergency.
I try to not take this for granted.
It's pretty too.

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Our Cape neighborhood was like that. I've stayed in touch with our favorite people even though we've been away for 7 years.
Anonymous said…
Lovely tribute. I think of people like this as "casserole people." They're the ones who'd bring food in time of distress.

L.P. said…
Incredibly lucky!
NorahS said…
Tender mercies.

"Casserole people" = love it!
Duyvken said…
What a lovely neighbourhood.
kt said…
*sings* Yes, these are the people in your neighborhood....the people that you meet

We have several who are just as nice as can be as well as a few mixed nuts, but it's a good place to be.
Anonymous said…
Isn't it a terrific thing when you live in a good neighborhood? We've got every generation represented on our country corner and I'm always thankful for each of them--even the creepy shut-ins on the corner.
Amy A. said…
We have lived in our new neighborhood for four months and I have not met one neighbor. Maybe cookies at Christmas will solve that problem.
Unknown said…
This looks and sounds like my fantasy neighborhood.
Rae said…
They sound lovely and it is beautiful! Sometimes I wish I was your neighbor.
Suse said…
So pretty, and so good to have decent people nearby.
Anonymous said…
Paola, my neighbor turned the hose on my son's girlfriend as she walked down the sidewalk toward our house.

Top that. : )