Moisten & Sisal, LLP

The Scene: the bird dining table. Dinner (leftovers) has just been finished and bb, Middle and Youngest remain at the table. K is in and out of the room.
They admire the ULine catalogue.

Youngest: I don't understand what this is.

K: That's a tape dispenser, for paper tape. It has a brush or sponge in it that moistens the tape.

Youngest (recoiling): Eww. I hate that word moisten. I just hate the way it sounds. Moisten. 

bb: Gah! Look at all that twine! I love twine!

Middle: Sisal twine, no less. That's a weird word too, sisal.

Youngest: They sound like names.

Middle: Jewish names. Sisal and Moisten.

bb: Hey! (she's thinking, carefully, to get it right) You could be Morty Sisal and YOU could be Hymie Moisten!

Youngest: Yep! Sisal and Moisten! Moisten and Sisal! We could be in business!

Middle: Yeah. Plumbing and I.T.. Sisal and Moisten Plumbing And Computer Technologies.

bb has been reduced to tears of laughter and cannot continue the conversation.


Now imagine all of that with a LISP.
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Crazy Mom Tats! said…
Sounds like Sisal % Moisten LLC needs the services of Dewey Cheathem & Howe.
Scot said…
Oy Vey!
Paola said…
The bird table (and home) is a magic place.
Hilary said…
sounds more like a law firm to me :)
Anonymous said…
You guys are funny.

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