Moisten & Sisal, LLP

The Scene: the bird dining table. Dinner (leftovers) has just been finished and bb, Middle and Youngest remain at the table. K is in and out of the room.
They admire the ULine catalogue.

Youngest: I don't understand what this is.

K: That's a tape dispenser, for paper tape. It has a brush or sponge in it that moistens the tape.

Youngest (recoiling): Eww. I hate that word moisten. I just hate the way it sounds. Moisten. 

bb: Gah! Look at all that twine! I love twine!

Middle: Sisal twine, no less. That's a weird word too, sisal.

Youngest: They sound like names.

Middle: Jewish names. Sisal and Moisten.

bb: Hey! (she's thinking, carefully, to get it right) You could be Morty Sisal and YOU could be Hymie Moisten!

Youngest: Yep! Sisal and Moisten! Moisten and Sisal! We could be in business!

Middle: Yeah. Plumbing and I.T.. Sisal and Moisten Plumbing And Computer Technologies.

bb has been reduced to tears of laughter and cannot continue the conversation.


Anonymous said…
Now imagine all of that with a LISP.
Anonymous said…
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Crazy Mom! said…
Sounds like Sisal % Moisten LLC needs the services of Dewey Cheathem & Howe.
Scot said…
Oy Vey!
Paola said…
The bird table (and home) is a magic place.
Hilary said…
sounds more like a law firm to me :)
Anonymous said…
You guys are funny.

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