lost and found

I promise to have a recap of the amazing/fabulous/luxurious/extravagant soiree we attended in Chicago soon.

In the meantime...

Youngest and I spotted a pair of prescription sunglasses accidentally abandoned on the train and brought them to Lost and Found.
And what to our wondering eyes did appear?


The happiest and nicest man in all the land and, if you look closely:

hundreds of cell phones
a thousand charging cables
ten violins, at least
several luxury handbags
a rather large holographic painting of Jesus
a thousand sets of car keys
and hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses

We asked him all kinds of questions. They keep things for about four months. He disappeared for a second and then came back disappointed. He had wanted to show us THE PROSTHETIC LEG.
Someone had moved it.


Anonymous said…
It makes me happy to know that that stuff was found and turned in, not found and kept by someone up to no good. Sad that the things weren't claimed though.

Anonymous said…
Or returned it to the one-legged owner, one hopes. That level of lost-and-found amazes me. I lost the keys to our little four-wheeler at the flag football field last weekend. I called the coordinator and learned there is no official lost and found. A week later someone handed my keys to him and his wife dropped them by the house this morning. Lucky me.
All those violins and handbags and car keys. Gosh.
Paola said…
Wow. There is some good in this world. But ... does anybody walk in this place to check if there might be what they lost???
Who leaves/loses their handbag? Oh wait, I guess they could have been pinched and then abandoned. Do they hold an auction to then get rid of them? Ours does that and I always mean to go but then think of the crowds and all the things touched by all the people. *shudder*