I love lists

From here.  With my notes in blue.

Mustard and ketchup mixed together for French-fry dipping
No! Mayonnaise for those fries, thanks.

The TV show “Shark Tank”
Never heard of it.  
Chain-link basketball nets
Not a bad idea.
Those little triangles of rice with fish in the middle and seaweed on the outside that they sell at Japanese cafes. They’re cheap and a perfect snack. They should be everywhere.
There are some fellows at my house who would appreciate having those readily available.

Love it.
Going to the airport. Just the “going” part.
Not so much.

Pie. Not that people don’t like it. But it takes a back seat to other desserts. I am waiting for pie to “blow up” in New York, so I can wait in line for individual-size assorted pies by the dozen, hopefully near my apartment.
This WILL happen, just you wait.

Road trips, the longer the better. And what I love most? Pulling over at one of those free breakfast hotels and crashing hard, then waking up in the morning (especially when there’s a slight chill in the air) ready for the next eight-hour stretch. I think best when driving.
I do like a good road trip.

Lynyrd Skynyrd
This is already happening. Free Bird was playing in the restaurant where I had lunch the other day.

I think all women should have at least one vibrator. That they use regularly.
Not a bad idea. Did a guy write this?

Popcorn and junior mints. By which I mean, buy a bag of popcorn, dump of a box of junior mints inside, shake and enjoy. A perfect combination of tastes, textures. Should be mandatory movie eating.
I'm not feeling this, but I don't deny that it may be a fabulous combo.

The ginger salad dressing that you get at Japanese restaurants.
The rapper E-40
? Okay. Whatever.

Oh, it's all about the fucking quinoa. I cannot get away from the damn quinoa. I need a quinoa-free zone.

Meh.  I'm not a Broadway person but I can see the logic here.

The idea that Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, wrote the plays (and poetry) commonly attributed to Shakespeare.
I don't want this to be a Thing. I want Will to have written all of it.


Ketchup for the fries.

OMG I love pie. Every season I make pie with whatever is fresh. The blueberries are gone but apples are coming!

GAH!!! Quinoa burgers on every menu.If I'm ordering a burger it better be cow.
Anonymous said…
They are call onigiri and I love them.

Anonymous said…

Duyvken said…
I have a little plastic press that makes those japanese pressed rice triangles. I put avo inside them and a small piece of nori outside to keep fingers from getting sticky. They're delicious and very easy to make. In fact, I think I know what we'll do for afternoon tea.
Duyvken said…
Mr Duyvken makes quinoa and walnut burgers that are truly amazing.
Just saying.
I won't serve them to you, should you pop in, however.
NorahS said…
I, too, love a good list. Your comments are spot on.
Scot said…
Last time I ate quinoa I was crapping stuff I ate in high school! Wood doesn't have that much fiber. Sorry, TMI?
Paola said…
Nothing but mayo on fries, but I never eat fries.

Do you all realize you talk about ethnic food like it's the most normal thing in the world while I CAN'T HAVE IT? Grunt.


I guess we just found out why quinoa is so popular ...

Anonymous said…
I am with you on the mayonnaise. Not with you on quinoa. I really enjoy its versatility.

The drive to the airport stresses me out.

Hand pies (because they fit in your hand) are big in Seattle.

alice c said…
1. Quinoa should be illegal.
2. I thought E40 was skin cream for people with excema.
3. Hand pies? Hello - we call them pasties in English.
Anonymous said…
Always pies and road trips. Always.
Suse said…
Quinoa, sheesh. It should be banned, along with kale.

The Edward de Vere thing is a crock you know. All the scholars agree. You can relax.
Someone once tried to convice me quinoa was "just as good" as cous cous. How I laughed and laughed. And then gutted them like a fish.