We've got big things going on over here. Plans. Lots of plans.
Tomorrow, we have a 4:00am call time (that's what we say over here) to leave for K's dad's farm in Virginia. K's dad needs some assistance with manly work and we have four manly fellows with chainsaws and work boots and gloves and stuff. There are trees that need moving and cows that need tending and it's probably 100 degrees down there, so hooooooweeeee. We'll stay a couple of days (we're stopping to see the space shuttle) and then come home.

Then it's going to be Oldest's birthday, which I suspect will be low-key, but we did find him some fun presents.

Then K and I are headed up to the Cape. We've been invited to join my friend D, along with G and G (another couple) and it's going to be grown-up time. Does that sound dirty? I mean: no kids, no families, post-season. It promises to be a trip of good food and DRINK, and we are so looking forward to it.

Mid-September, K and I are headed to Chicago for a trip that (sort of) paid for itself. Using bank points and air-miles we have finagled and finessed airfare and a hotel to attend a party. We did have to buy K a suit but, people, it had been years. We're gonna take the subway or the El or whatever the hell they call it out there, from O'Hare to the Residence Inn! (I've always wanted to take the train into town but have chickened out.) We've stayed in Residence Inns before and they are quite handy even if they aren't glamorous.

Finally, a few weeks after that trip, I am off to Germany. Germany, guys, ALONE. On a business trip, thankyouverymuch. Yep. Me and my carry-on luggage and my expensive trench coat and my office MacBook Air will be grabbing some Euros and getting the lay of the land and, well, I was going to say, taking some meetings, but that's not exactly true. I've never traveled that far on my own and am thankful for headphones. Yes, headphones.

It's all adventures all the time around here.
Did I mention that Youngest had an emergency tooth extraction last week and needs an implant?
See? That's just the kind of thing that keeps my head OUT OF THE CLOUDS.


Jen on the Edge said…
Virginia? Did you say VIRGINIA?

There's something nice about having a hotel chain you like and visit repeatedly on your travels. For us, it's Hampton Inn. They're clean, modern, offer free wi-fi, and the service is always impeccable.
Crazy Mom! said…
Sorry about the tooth. Implants are VERY VERY expensive.

Have fun!
Anonymous said…
I think it all sounds just dreamy. Except for the part about Youngest's tooth....which reminds me that I need to floss.

Anonymous said…
I sympathize with the tooth problem; he's through the worst of it since he had the extraction. If you're in the northern VA area for any time besides the museum (Udvar Hazy?), send me an email if you'd like to meet for coffee or drinks! Carol
Paola said…
I can picture all theboys chopping and working, they'll have fun.
Poor Youngest, is all I can say.
And for you? Happy Travels and Safe Skies!

Whatever sounds dirty, sounds fun
Anonymous said…
A tooth implant sounds dreadfully painful. But Germany! And Chicago! The Cape! Virginia! (cue the banjo music--KIDDING!) Isn't it fun to have trips to look forward to?
RW said…
Well this all sounds very exciting..... and I am just a little envious of you solo trip.

Terese said…
Bon Voyage for all your travels Blackbird and family.