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I was looking for something else when I came across a letter I mailed to the Director of Marketing Communications at the Viking Range Corporation back in 2007.
I'm sure I've mentioned that our refrigerator continues to malfunction. In fact, we have had the repairman here two or three times in the past couple of months.
Sometimes it's a shame my readership is so small (though I love you all) as I wonder if there might be some resolution if I had a louder voice.
I had received a letter from Mr. Andrews. This was my response.

November 24, 2007

Bill Andrews
Director of Marketing Communications
Viking Range Corporation
Post Office Drawer 956
111 Front Street
Greenwood, Mississippi

Dear Mr. Andrews:

I find it ironic that I would receive even a form letter from you – or anyone at Viking, regarding my experience with my Viking refrigerator, I can only imagine that it has arrived as this is the 5th anniversary of our owning it. And, although I’m quite sure this letter will be disposed of, I thought I would take the opportunity to express my feelings anyway. I haven’t had the chance to speak to anyone at Viking for several years – not that it hasn’t crossed my mind, so this is as good a time as any.

I am not enjoying my Viking Professional Series refrigerator, in fact, I regret the day I ever considered its purchase. Surely a look in the files will turn up plenty of communication from and with me.

As for my choice of Viking products reflecting “the value I place on performance and style,” well, that’s a sad state of affairs.
Our Viking refrigerator has, and always has had, a wealth of problems so broad and varied that I’m not even sure I can list them all. In fact, it’s our second unit as the first was taken away just months after we purchased it. Sadly, its replacement has not fared any better…

The door does not close completely, rendering the unit too warm in the summer and too cool in the winter.
The entire outer frame of the unit measures crooked, as though it was dropped.
The insulation strip inside the upper door is torn and weathered.
It leaks, but always under different circumstances.
The temperature gauge seems to have no actual relationship with the actual temperature.

I could go on and on, these are simply the problems that spring to mind.

And, unfortunately for us, this is not the only Viking product in our rebuilt kitchen.
No, just as you suggest in your letter, we “wouldn’t install mismatched cabinets and drawers or countertops” in our kitchen. We have a Viking electric double convection oven: which is always 100 – 150 degrees off in temperature, has melted paint from average use and runs for many many hours after it is shut off, as well as a Viking six burner gas cooktop whose burners do not light.

While it’s true that no one can “match Viking Design Integrity” I’m afraid that we were delighted to purchase a Bosch dishwasher last month.

And, as a resident in a very affluent part of New York, with kitchens being updated and remodeled all around me, I consistently recommend Sub Zero and Wolf.

I’m hoping your products do not provide me with too many future years of service, as, though I can ill afford it, as soon as anything major (ie a compressor or major electrical malfunction) occurs, I will bite the bullet and put them out at the curb.


It turns out Mr. Andrews doesn't work at Viking anymore. I checked his Linked In page.
And Viking has been purchased, which may or may not account for our very lovely customer service person. She and K spend a lot of time on the phone and she is excellent at follow-up.
Unfortunately, there is condensation building up on the fridge as I type. 


Paola said…
Not good. 2007 and still giving you problems, not good at all.
Paola said…
Fun fact: that letter was written on Fabio's birthday.
Anonymous said…
We had a brand new Honda once, that had myriad small problems from the get-go, and several very serious problems that almost killed our whole little family several times over in the first few years. Local Honda, state Honda, Northeast Honda, American Honda, and Japanese Honda did not care. Honda did warn us, however, that they would take it seriously if we dared to bad mouth them publicly. We finally took the car off the road and left it in the back yard to rot. We didn't dare sell it to someone else. Lesson: don't buy a Honda or a Viking, and DO bad mouth them publicly.

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