so many links, so little time

Hoooooooooooo boy.
This week has been a doozy. Busy busy busy. Anyway.
I've got one more week before K and I head up to the Cape and plenty to do before then.

So, here are some links while I get my shit together.

Favorite New Yorker cartoons as voted by readers (which I took to mean I'd get them). Hilarious.

I could eat this with great frequency.

Funny Amazon reviews. Funny!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Good lord. I figured some of my ridiculous collections might be valuable, but I had no idea.

This is what happens when you put an Olympic sprinter on a rugby team. I luff it.

The new NIN song is ALMOST upbeat.

An exhaustive study of Wes Anderson.

More later.


L.P. said…
Loved those cartoons! Every time I thought "this one's my favorite" the next one made me laugh even harder. As a long-time fan of M.C. Escher (why does he now sound like a musician?) the construction one is probably my favorite. For now.

And the pasta recipe? Definitely making that one.
Anonymous said…
That is ridiculously fast.
Who knew you could class up the mundane by putting it in a JAR like that?
The reviews were gut busting and now I want mushrooms with pasta. Darn it.

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