August 25, 2013

notes from the Sunday fashion section

I love the big Sunday newspaper.
We are, presently, punishing the newspaper company, having dropped our nearly 30 year subscription.
And why? Because they stopped sending us the magazines. A capital offense as some weeks that's all I want to read.
But this morning we went out for iced coffee and a trip to the hardware store so I bought it at our shitty Starbucks. Want to know why it's a shitty Starbucks? It was 8:00am and we waited for coffee whilst the rather large staff seemed to chat and loaf. My order was about to be made hot, the barista dropped K's cup on the floor and two people behind me got their coffees before I did.
But enough complaining.

Let's look at some little tips from the paper, shall we?


I LOVE men's lace-ups with a skirt! Happily, I have just the skirt and shoes to put this together.


I think I could put this together too. Let's ignore the prices here, okay?


Red! Suits me!


Skip the blush? Fine.


Since I've let my hair go white I am in great need of lipstick. My face is otherwise colorless.


Surprisingly affordable. I like the idea of a tint over a lipstick. My present lipsticks feel a little heavy and seems to wear off very quickly.


The snood! I like it...but I have a little problem as I wear over-ear headphones on my way to work and no longer manage a hat with them. This might work, though.


I love this wall color and the art.


At first I was intrigued by this bathroom. Now I do believe it is one big cliche. And someone needs to wash the outside of that tub.

In an article about writers and their work spaces there was this photo of Jhumpa Lahiri.


I had the lovely opportunity to hear Ms. Lahiri read a couple of years ago and complimented her at a cocktail party after the event. She was like a small, startled animal and I think I freaked her out.
Go figure.


I am STILL considering Eileen Fisher. I've fallen in love with a pair of boots they sell (which I cannot afford) and I am drawn to everything they sell (which I cannot afford).

It's a beautiful Sunday - I hope you are enjoying it.


Susie Sunshine said...

I went through the paper and mentally assigned outfits to friends. You mentioned all the ones I attributed to you with the omission of the cream Celine sweater with slit to accommodate the necklace (in dark gray or black, of course.)

The only thing I wanted was the Ralph Lauren coats and pants at the very beginning of the mag. <3 <3

L.P. said...

Love everything you posted. Men's lace ups with skirts, red lipstick, snoods (I have 2 I bought several years ago and wear them all through every winter), and that Eileen Fisher outfit is great! Were you the one who told me that Tiffany Tuttle (of L.D.Tuttle) designed EF's boots this season? Which explains your boot lust.

I can't afford to buy makeup any more, but I'm eyeing those new Armani Rouge Ecstasy lipsticks (how can I resist a name like that?).

kmkat said...

I always pictured a snood in the old way, as a hammock for one's hair. Guess I need to do a little fashion research...

Mary Duan said...

Oh I know, I know.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I have ditched my newspaper subscription because this month they raised my price by $16. I will be walking to 7-11 on Sunday mornings just for the Sunday edition. I need my crosswords and coupons and travel section.

I have ditched all my lipsticks and got Clinique Chubby Sticks which are more like tinted lip balm but have to be reapplied often.

I have never worn red nail polish. My current color is a good shade of green called Toad-ally Amazing.

kim at allconsuming said...

I haven't read a blog in months. I think of you every day. I am here catching up and so pleased you changed the layout so I can comment once more. Big love to you and yours.

Hilary said...

Is it bad I agree that your starbucks is shitty and dunkin is no better....

The tub reminds me of one of our bedrooms. We have a vanity in the middle. the plan was to enlarge the bathroom there and put the vanity in when we redid our bathroom. But after Sandy we have no bandwidth for non-essential renovations so it just sits there. It is quite the joke for visitors!

Wendy said...

I need to take you to the Eileen Fisher outlet the next time you visit!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Pleasures. Like browsing through a magazine.
I like the sound of "snood" and am trying hard to imagine how tiny Jhumpa (May I call her that) must be if YOU thought she was small, because I have it on good authority that YOU are quite petite. I adored reading her books.

RW said...

I bookmarked the same EF outfit!
Picked up the September Vogue on the weekend and was left somewhat uninspired this year - at first glance. Will give it another go soon.

Paola said...

I will never get over th efact that you were red lipstick and varnish. The only colour I don't wear. And I do wear ALL of them.

Paola said...

Note to myself, check for spelling prior to posting.
It's "the fact" and "wear"