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Would you believe I've never seen The Notebook?

One second on the internet looks like this.

Words they won't/shouldn't use at the Times.

50 rules for vacation. (I'm going to need a vacation very soon.)

Oooh, Baggu...a tote, perhaps? I love this one.

Top 10 Fran Lebowitz quotes.

Have you seen Food52?

Maybe you'd like to stop in at the Relax Center? It's not far from my office.


This isn't far from my office either. Pretty, isn't it?



And, nearer still is this coffee cart. Do you know about these tiny kiosks? Some of them have a long line of customers in the morning and this one has a fancy marquee sign. I'd never seen one like it.


Brave. Very brave.


Lovely. Very lovely.

I'm off to the gift show tomorrow, maybe I'll take some pictures.
Tomorrow night I pick up my coat.
Busy day!


Anonymous said…
I want to know what goes on in the Relax Center. Chair massages? Find out?

The Notebook is a terrible, terrible movie. Don't watch it! I only cried because I was wanting it to be over, not because it was a good weeper.

That is indeed a lovely outfit. And my goodness, seeing that beautiful Triumph reminds me of a guy I dated who owned one. Riding behind him on the back of that machine on warm LA summer, thanks for sending me down memory lane with that picture.

Paola said…
Your links. They always shake our cores in one way or the other.
kmkat said…
I have never seen The Notebook either. I read one Nicholas Sparks book and will never EVER read another.
Anonymous said…
I've also never seen The Notebook.
The vacation rules are excellent advice.
I wish we had walk up coffee service anywhere near here.
Scot said…
I gave been to Food52, i like alot of their recipies and their gadget reports. And after going, again tonight I have one question. Does anybody really eat quinoa? I've tried it a few times but the things it does for me aren't discussed in polite society.
Have you ever tried it?
Thanks for the Bagu link. I've been needing new grocery bags and those are priced good enough to buy 6.
Scot said…
By the way, I don't think Gena Rowlands ever made a bad movie.
or James Gardner for that matter.
robiewankenobie said…
notebook: 2 hours i'll never get back.
What Now? said…
Don't suppose you know the model/year of that Triumph? Is it old? Looking for one like that....
blackbird said…
That Triumph is not old.
I believe it's a Bonneville.