it's Tuesday

I have two doctor's appointments today.
One isn't really worth mentioning - it's a kind of check-in with a PA that I really like (though it would seem that I'll need medication forever and we'll have to talk about that) and the other is for an injury to my shoulder which I've been working with for about six weeks.
I couldn't feel more decrepit.

How happy am I that my boys have retired from skating? Very.
(And, I do believe that Youngest values the use of his hands too much right now to do his Parkour. Yesterday was day one of sophomore year at Art School.)

He may be the most amazing skater ever but I can't help being happy he wears a helmet and pads (not that he couldn't be killed doing any of these things anyway).


Anonymous said…
Couldn't stand to watch after a few moments!
So much courage to do that stuff. I never had it. Landing is HARD.
Paola said…
Was this time last year that he flew to Japan? Aleady a year ...
:Loretta said…
Amazing! He has a college age daughter - can you imagine?
kmkat said…
Is there anyone more convinced of their own invincibility/immortality than a young male human, particularly if he is afflicted with testosterone poisoning? Glad yours have outgrown it. Mine, perhaps reflecting their parents' clutziness, were not very much inclined to the physical daring-do stuff, thank FSM.

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