I'm with him because he is my home

You water the dry ground and something grows that surprises you. You sweep the floors and life flows through a room. You bend over hot skillets, and your children eat the food and become strong. You build your life the way you want it, and spirit comes to breathe life into what you’ve made with your labor.

From here.

Today is our anniversary.
I don't remember those first years much anymore. What we ate (we'd run to the ice cream shop just before it closed at ten o'clock some nights), where we lived (a big beautiful apartment that was his brother's first and, because we were too young to make it a home, never really ours), what we did for fun (walking, freezing, down the block to the movies, drinking cheap red wine at the Italian restaurant on the corner).
But I do remember being very sure that morning in late August, all those years ago. 
As sure as I am today.
He's all I ever wanted.
We've had struggles behind us but never doubted what we have together and struggles ahead of us but feel safe with each other.
We are blessed.

Happy anniversary to my best love, K.


Loretta said…
Oh, BB!
Crazy Mom! said…
And congratulations to the both of you. Marriage is a journey, and it's wonderful when you feel you're on the same path.

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Happy Anniversary. There's a lot to be said for long marriages that have tested all those vows.

Enjoy your vacation on the Cape!
L.P. said…
BB, this gave me chills and I teared up, all in a good way. What a moving tribute to your marriage!

Congratulations, and may many more such anniversaries come your way.
Carol said…
Happy day!
tut-tut said…
have a great Wellfleet time, bb.
kmkat said…
Lovely. Many more to you.
Anonymous said…
happy anniversary. this was a gorgeous tribute to staying together and loving each other.
Paola said…
I absolutely HATE when I forget such dates.
Alas, I did.
I've been busy with cooking lessons all week and I kind of slipped through the week without realizing.
It's no excuse though.
What you wrote in your post I can read in your eyes, both of you, the wonderful bond/relationship/LOVE you have it's palpable and I admire that. You hardly ever see such a thing.