a little story about my shoes and socks

kkc135 said...
Okay here's an off the wall question, are you wearing any type of "sock" with your oxfords? 

And then she helped assuage my guilt by saying:

You can never go wrong spending good money on the classics! Love the suit and really love the coat.

So. I was not wearing any socks with my oxfords yesterday...and here's the story.

I am in desperate need of a pedicure (sometimes nothing else will do/make your feet look at all better) and decided to wear my oxfords/brogues/closed shoes. But it's warm and I have a variety of minor shoe injuries on my feet - rough spots, a couple of blisters in varying degrees of healing, that kind of thing, so I sprinkled some baby powder into them before I slipped them on and off to work I went.

Once on the train I realized that the powder was sort of leaking out of my shoes. It was puffing up onto my ankles and leaving a fine line of white along the bottom of my pants.
I forgot about it when I got to work and was too busy to pay attention as the day wore on.
I left my desk a few times and realized that the baby powder had settled into the fine lines of wear on my shoes in a not unpleasant design. I mentioned it to a few people and pointed out that they could pass for some kind of pre-distressed, European designer shoes.
I wiped the powder off a couple of times but it continued to poof out in little clouds from time to time. Finally, just before I went to meet Middle, I wiped them down with a wet towel.  My feet felt great all day and, by five o'clock, my shoes were shiny black again.

Today I wore platform sandals from Madewell and have new blisters on my big and little toes.
Shoes and I do not seem to be getting along this summer.
I am never comfortable in socks.


kmkat said…
I wondered about your bare feet in brogues, too. Baby powder: a wonderful invention.
Jen on the Edge said…
I wear SmartWool footy socks (officially known at the website at the Secret Sleuth) with my brogues. They can't be seen once my shoes are on.

The wool blend isn't itchy and it's great year-round, including in the summer, because the wool wicks moisture away from one's skin.

Also, I never ever get blisters or sore spots when I'm wearing this brand of socks (I also have athletic socks and winter socks from them), even when I walked six miles in Sydney in brogues last year and when I ran a half marathon.

Here's the link: http://www.smartwool.com/womens/socks/secret-sleuth-6.html
blackbird said…
I'm totally checking out Jen's socks...meanwhile, the blisters are from sandals!
marian said…
I second the Smartwool!
Crazy Mom! said…
There are only two occasions that I wear socks.
1)To go through airport screenings.
2)When it's below 10 degrees.

Otherwise, I have naked feet in my shoes and barefoot at home.
L.P. said…
I don't wear socks with my oxfords, either. I do like an absorbent insole, though. Also, the inside has to be leather—my feet absolutely hate any sort of artificial leather.

I've had that same thing happen with powder! (why I switched to insoles.)
Anonymous said…
This is why I love you.

Paola said…
So, what I get from this post is that you all would be shocked by the amount and types of socks i wear. Never ever in the summer though, because I could never wear shoes, it's too hot but I live in Positano which frankly gives me an easier clothing choice, I'm not forced to wear certain outfits, thankfully. I'm more in Birkenstocks than I care to admit ...
Anonymous said…
No socks with oxfords here. Also use powder.