what I really wanted for my birthday

No kidding.
What I really, really, wanted for my birthday was a new faucet for the kitchen.
So, yesterday, just as I was about to have a little tantrum at Loews, when they didn't have half the things we went for (and said they did on their website) K said: hey, do you want to look at faucets?
Smart guy.
I've been bitching about the faucet in the kitchen for about a year.


Sure, it was pretty.
The handles said chaud and froid, which was totally cool with me (though unplanned - the faucet came from Canada).
Although it had a lifetime guarantee, it was constantly breaking. And while the company (Aquadis) was very good about replacing parts for free, it was constantly breaking.
I should also add that though it is beautiful, each and every one of those little details is a pain in the ass to clean.
My complaint of the last six months was that the hot water tap doesn't turn properly and the hand sprayer leaks. Dealing with a constantly wet counter is annoying.

So we went to look at faucets.
And we had Middle measure the throw on the old one as that's another issue - the poncy faucet was too small for the sink.


Nice throw, fewer details, pull out sprayer, soap dispenser.
I have to read the box again but it probably has some form of warranty.
Mission accomplished.

It took a while to get the old one de-installed. All the plumbing runs behind the big apron sink.
This involved quite a long time with K on his back with his head under the sink, working upside-down.


With two flashlights.
You can't really see him, but he's in there.


It took a while and he put all the pieces in that box. We could sell the chauncey faucet, or put it in the garage where we keep all our other shit.


(Clorox wipes still present, that green spot is where he epoxy fixed the rot on the back door. He's astonishing and stays very busy every day.)
He worked and worked and worked and worked.


Wah lah!
We have a couple of holes to deal with in the granite, but are very excited.
It's not as pretty but it sure does work.

Do you know what you need after all that hard work?


A little beer!
And, by little beer I mean a case of Coronita, which Oldest picked up without realizing they are mini bottles.
Oh, the hilarity.
All evening we made little beer jokes.
He picked up some little dinner napkins, too.

I just surprised him with half a dozen mini bagels for breakfast.


L.P. said…
Excellent! Happy happy birthday!!
Amy A. said…
Happy Birthday, bb!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! I love your little bagel surprise.
Oh, and I've had that faucet for over a year and have been very happy with it. Enjoy!
Suse said…
Happy birthday dearest! x
Terese said…
Happy Birthday BB!!!
Hilary said…
Happy Birthday BB! Love the faucet - isn't it amazing how faucets can make you so happy?
Anonymous said…
It's not her b'day yet. She couldn't wait for for her REAL birthday to have it to be installed.


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