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K has been repairing some damage and rot on the back door in the kitchen.
Some of the damage occurred as a result of the door hitting the kitchen counter.


See? When the door, at right, opens completely, it can hit the granite on the left.
K has done beautiful work repairing the door and now we must take steps to avoid this circumstance in the future.
He bought a doorstop which could be fitted to the bottom of the sink cabinet.


Then he realized it didn't match the hardware in the kitchen, as seen here.


See? Our door hardware is clearly Oil Rubbed Bronze. Not brass.
Obviously, these things are important to us, although I should mention that the kitchen fixtures are brushed nickel and the door knobs in the rest of the house are old brass.
So, we've had conversations regarding this doorstop, its placement and color.

For now, we've decided to leave the tub of Clorox wipes on the floor, just as it is, just as it has been for months, to prevent the door from hitting the granite.


Those wipes are really very handy.


Hilary said…
Hey, if it works... and is multi-functional....
Anonymous said…
And they tie the Oil Rubbed Bronze, brushed nickel, and old brass together nicely. Carol
dervla said…
...AND you can have wipes handy for cleaning! :)
Paola said…
Why did you even bother buying the door stopper, I wonder.
I am way behind and just caught up with a whole bunch of posts and it is always a roller coaster of emotions. I'll name just one for all, the duct surf post link. Amazing and courageous, if you think this guy has to balance himself AND a strapped paraplegic over him!
That bench is not mine, it's yours and I am so sorry it's been waiting for me as it seems my return to Tuvalu gets smaller and smaller in the tunnel ... please DO enjoy it while admiring those gorgeous hydrangeas (my favourite colour!). I also found out wearing rings on the tip of the finger is trendy, I do that a lot (but it is a little uncomfortable as you constantly think you'll lose it).
Gill said…
I'm catching up too because for some reason, Feedly doesn't recognise your RSS feed any more :-( Did you make changes to your blog recently?
I shall keep trying. You don't get rid of me quite so easily
Anonymous said…
I have to wonder if the checky rooster curtain is really YOU. Does it have a story or is it just there?

I LOVE YOUR FRONT DOOR. Always have. And I'm excited that it might get a wee makeover.


Scot said…
Scrub the door stop HARD with a Scrubbie or steel wool. Remove the clearcoat that most manufactures put on it. Hit it with an oxydizer, scrub it again to remove as much blackened (oxydized) brass as you want. Lightly spray on a good clear coat. I recomend Krylon clear coat glossy finish. Dry it with a blow dryer. When you clear coat it with Krylon, it's gonna darken a bit so scrub off the blackened bits with that in mind. It's how you "age" brass. It's a pain in the ass but it looks nice.
Anonymous said…
you have a butlers sink so that means you are not allowed to complain about anything ever again. you have a butlers sink (sigh+envy)

Scot do you make house calls?

Wendy said…
Scot already covered one option for the stop, but I've had great luck with Krylon's oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I've used it on our mailslot that was once bright brass, metal plant saucers for the front porch(the kind with wheels on them, and the front porch planters made of that lightweight foam stuff. Just sand it like he mentioned and you'll be good to paint.

Also, I was able to buy stops in the oil rubbed finish at a local hardware store. Let me know if you'd like me to pick one up for you. Measure how long it needs to be. I found one place I put one did no good as it needed to be longer than the standard size.