we knew it was going to rain

We did.
But R had invited us sailing and we really wanted to go sailing.
K checked the weather while I was at work but it was decided that we'd meet at 4:00.
So, we met at the dock and took a water taxi to the boat and set out some cheese and had some wine and, though I know nothing about sailing, I would say that the evening proceeded with K steering while R decided how to set the sails and which sails to use and when to tack.
And it was occasionally gently raining, but not the kind of rain that bothers people and we were moving with the wind, in a way, so it seemed fine...
Until it wasn't especially fine.
And I'm not saying we were in any danger, I guess, but we did suddenly find ourselves in what R called a squall and the wind gauge did read 27 knots (31mph) and it got a little hairy.
K lost his hat, lines were roughly handled, sails were moved and changed and R had to shout over the wind and rain.
It was kind of like this, minus the lightning.
And, of course, no one fell overboard.


Setting out, R and K set things up.


Just before K's hat blew away. (An omen.)


Getting a little darker, we consider the luffing in the main sail and reefing, which, surprisingly, does not involve hitting a reef but some kind of macrame move with rope and a sail...as near as I can tell.


It's always exciting to sail "wing on wing" and R can only do it if he has a good first mate.
But this jubilation was not to last.


Are those dark storm clouds? Why yes, yes they are. The rain begins in earnest, the wind kicks up, there is a problem with a line (I don't know what, I was ducking for cover and attempting to stay dry), R asked for his safety jacket, donned foul-weather gear and the shit hit the fan. Sometime between angling and tipping (only 20 degrees!)(feels like much more) something went wrong with the engine making our motoring in, inside the harbor, difficult and smoky. I never felt afraid. Between K and R it seemed, even if the conditions were poor, that we would be fine. R has done more than one Atlantic crossing and one of them was very dangerous. That's why I was surprised when, later, over whiskey and jambalaya, he told us it was the worst weather he's ever encountered on this side of the ocean. 

I don't have pictures of the rough stuff. I was busy holding on.

There were pools of water in my shoes.


RW said…
an adventure.
glad you are all safe and dry now.
our evening through fraught with it's own misadventure seems tame in comparison.
enjoy your weekend.
Paola said…
Interesting ...
Also, today is th efirst day I am able to comment again after I switched to Feedly and am NOT liking it. I imagine I am the only persone in the world yet I confirm I DON'T like it.
We encountered a similar squall many years ago on LI Sound. Let's just leave it at to this day, I don't get on a sailboat unless it's moored.
Anonymous said…
Weather is big. Carol
Lucille said…
My favourite film, but I'll stick to rowing on tame rivers.