tips from my first week

Admittedly, I was well into the planning of the offsite meeting when my promotion was announced. And I will not deny that my piece of the meeting was only one of many.
I am hopeful that everyone's contributions will be recognized, especially the work of the assistants who worked (seemingly tirelessly) to insure that all the tiny things (document printing, table settings, wine glasses!) flowed smoothly.
It was not without hitches.
I found four typos in my PowerPoint.
Lunch on day two was nearly a disappointment.
We could have used some cookies on day one, at about 2:30.
We had candy bars instead.
There was no fresh fruit at breakfast on day two, though it had been ordered.
Though these things are small, it's all in the small things.


Inspired by some new ideas from our Creative Directors, I went out on a (small) limb and re-designed our semi-annual PowerPoint. I'm no Creative Director but it did look better than our standard fare.


The venue was, perhaps, a little chic for our crowd. But the meeting room was close to perfect.
This is the tile in the unisex restroom, which I preferred.
The ladies room, off the meeting room, was black and completely mirrored and slightly disconcerting.


After our wonderfully attentive Captain discovered that our lunch order had not been correctly processed, he acted swiftly and brilliantly and put together a gorgeous spread in about 40 minutes.
No one was the wiser and it was superb.


We had an amazing wine tasting at the end of the day yesterday.
I learned a few things, we all relaxed just a bit, and the wine was a wonderful finish.


Riesling. Who knew?

My first real test will be in October.
This was a decent warm-up


Can I be your assistant in October? ;)

There will always be hitches, right? Folding them in seamlessly (as you did) is the magic of event planning!
(Also: I LOVE those wine glasses! Who makes them?)
RW said…
well done.
I am intrigued. Of course.
This has been a challenging month for me. I will be glad to see the end of it and I am already making plans for August.
holidays coming soon.
Anonymous said…
Fascinating! Good job to all.

I have been quiet here lately....I think because my work has been keeping me much busier than usual; in a good way. It's starting to quiet down though, so I am able to check in with you. (Also, I'm sorry if I offended you at all by asking about your rooster curtains.)

Paola said…
Gorgeous and chic, just as you are. You'll do wonderful things!
Anonymous said…
Brava! That's some spread and riesling sounds like a good finish. Smooth and crisp, as I imagine you to be.
kmkat said…
I am fond of German whites myself. Congrats on a successful event!