The Sartorialist, or not?

I leave it to you.
Scott Schuman or not?

Seen on the 1 train.
Sleeves perfectly rolled, jeans perfectly cuffed.
Horn rimmed glasses.


Tote bag.
Thin of lip.
Somewhat broad in the shoulder.
Good haircut.
Reading a book.

On the other hand...


The tote bag at his feet was from Costco.
What say ye?

I'd love the ladies from Looks Good From The Back to weigh in.


Unknown said…
My skin crawled when I saw the pic, so I'm guessing yes, it's him.
Duyvken said…
Who knows? But I am certainly enjoying that second photo. Mmmm.
Jude said…
Methinks that gentleman looks good from the side AND back, I agree with Duyvken.

It's not Scott Schuman though. Check the earlobes (which is what I always do in cases like this – What? You don't frequently need to compare the heads of complete strangers on the internet?!). Schuman's are attached, but this guy's aren't.
blackbird said…
Why didn't I think of that?
Paola said…
I was going to say he looks like he's got a bigger bum, but the earlobes will do, I guess.
Amy A. said…
Not. Not as stocky, I think.
Amblus said…
Oh man, it totally does look like him though.
Anonymous said…
Would the SHobbit really take the subway? Methinks not . . . can't imagine him rubbing sweaty elbows with us poorly dressed ordinary folks!
dervla said…
wow, that really does look like him!! How can it not be?