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We renovated our house about ten years ago and then we did over one of the bathrooms about five years ago. Every homeowner has a list of renovations floating around. There are still some small things we'd like to do (enclose the front porch and make it a foyer?) and there's always a few big ones in our heads (bump out the dining room about ten feet/cut off the entire second floor and frame it up).
Every Sunday I get a newsletter from houzz. Some make no sense to me at all (usually the gardening ones) and others hit right on target. Here are the best pages from this morning,

Choosing a Deck: Plastic or Wood?
Perfect. We need a deck for just outside the kitchen. A boardwalk, if you will, and I am inclined to think plastic is the way to go.

International Meets Industrial in a Brooklyn Loft
While I recognize that we will never be cool enough to live in Brooklyn, I have a fantasy in which we sell the house and buy a huge loft there. This is how that loft should look. In my head.

Insulate with wool and denim? 
I'll bet you didn't know that K is fanatical about insulation. He LOVES insulation.

Our other house is a French estate, I just never write about it here.

It's a teeny bit too pink for me but is, without a doubt, the playhouse of my childhood dreams.

You may think of me as twee and cozy but I'd love to live in a place like this too...maybe as a weekend house.

Do I live in a minimalist traditional house?

Not only did we find letters in our walls (from 1938) but, when we closed them back up, we left artifacts from our time.

I love this house.

This one too.

There were three or four other articles that I didn't get to.

I'm off to the beach.
Happy reading!


Paola said…
Very nice website.
So you.
Happy beach. I haven't gone ONCE yet.

Yes, I do live in Positano.
Anonymous said…
Just a word on plastic decking; specifically TREX composite decking.

It stinks. Literally stinks.
It gets hot and the burning smell is awful. The stink reduces after the first year but is still strong and gives me a headache. (In case you're sensitive to smell.)
Jen on the Edge said…
We have denim insulation in our house (interior walls only) and we enjoyed checking it out when it was being installed.
Anonymous said…
I think it would be so delightful to find things in the walls--things like letters, not mice or spiders.
First I've heard of denim insulation.
That playhouse has a terrific garden--see? I'm all about the gardens.
Magpie said…
we just put new windows in our house, and i made sure to put a the A section of the times into a cavity.