Some things I would like, from Etsy

 - because my birthday is later this month and though I do not like to celebrate my birthday, I do like to get presents.

1. I really love this big cloud print. I've had it in my Etsy cart for a long, long time and would hang it over the fireplace.

2. I love these leggings. Sure, I don't know what size I am, but someone could figure it out.

3. Pretty beads.

4. How about a Yuanma Women Loose linen Short Sleeved Long Dress?

5. Maybe a Rice loose cotton Shirt top/Cotton dress/Linen Women Blouse?



Crazy Mom! said…
You need some COLOR. All those are sorta monochromatic.

Like the beads & the clouds tho
NorahS said…
Rice is one of my favorite colours!