Middle buys a suit

He's not a very formal fellow and certainly doesn't require a suit per se, but Middle has been debating the purchase of a suit for a long time.
He's also been turned away several times as his is thin. Really, really thin. And, so, he decided that an upscale European (read: Italian) suit with full alterations was in order. European suits, you see, start off with a smaller cut - and even then, it was explained, the trousers will require a full re-cut. The jacket was pinned to alter at nearly every seam.
Oh, but it is gorgeous.
He looked very handsome.
Suddenly, he was something of a formal fellow.



I love to watch a tailor working.
K bought a suit last weekend and my favorite part was watching the tailor mark it up with that lovely chalk.


He debated and discussed the lapel width, the pocket position, the taper of the leg, the length of the trouser, the fit of the waistband, the subtle waistline in the jacket.

Now for the shoes...


Crazy Mom! said…

Few guys realize the value of a nicely tailored suit. Once properly done, the suit will fit like a bespoke suit.
Anonymous said…
I appreciate men who take time to dress well (at times, not as a way of life). My husband has excellent taste and I run my work outfits by him many days. Carol
Duyvken said…
Adorable. He looks great in that suit. Plus, I love that the tailors are working with their jackets on.
Amy A. said…
Leaving a comment so you know I can. :) New format is nice.
Anonymous said…
as someone who lives his life outdoors, my most expensive piece of clothing is a very expensive piece of paddle clothing. I have paid less for cars. I am not known for dressing particularly nicely. But I do 'clean up' nicely. I have a beloved pair of Armani trousers purchased by my father, for me. They should really be retired, but I love them so. And while I have no need of it, I would love a custom made suit. I would really like to go to England and have a suit made. Maybe middle and I could go together. Though honestly, I get much more use out of Gore-tex and eVent.

L.P. said…
That is just lovely and makes me sigh with appreciation.
Anonymous said…
Around here it's enough to just wear the suit, but to have it properly tailored! That is much preferable to the super-squeezed or bagging we see in the Midwest.