It's Saturday, it's been kind of a long week (I never even mentioned that I've had an allergic reaction to something and am off all kinds of medicine and ON steroids. Thankfully, better) and I'm off to Ikea with Youngest, who's doing some redecorating.

I leave you with random links.

Oldest would love to live this lifestyle, and, were he a brave soul, he might try. I would discourage it, especially after reading about being robbed.

Turning a quote into a masterpiece is fun. Give it a whirl.

Oh, Maira, I love you so.

My fascination continues.

Quit telling me things are awesome.

When we had our Riesling tasting we drank from these glasses. It was extraordinary.

I could just pinch my friend DW for showing me Design Tripper. And I'm not sure I'd actually stay here, but their website is beautiful in its simplicity and I might eat there.

We're contemplating a meal here, too.

Here's a great article for parents of 20-somethings. I say for parents as I do believe my 20-somethings would be irritated if I passed the link to them, but there are several thoughts I might express to them in conversation.

So, I may be falling apart a little, physically (I have a shoulder injury too) but my hair is getting long and is a pretty shade of white.


AND I am still pleased with the quiet Japanese lady who cuts it.
Triumph all around.


Paola said…
Oh forget all the links ... you look DIVINE!!!

And we'll go to Uncle Zhou upon my next visit. One day. In the future.
Susan F. said…
You always have the best links! Love the article for (parents of) 20-somethings.
Anonymous said…
You really do look divine! So light and airy.

I liked lots of the links too. Is there a way to make them open in a new window? Like via linksynergy or something? Maybe it's tricky to set up; I don't know.

Anonymous said…
Your hair is really admirable!
That surfing website--I would live that way in a heartbeat, except I'm not a good surfer. But we are leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow with only duffel bags for a week so it will be a close enough imitation--in the mountains.
Wendy said…
Perfect hair.