(great) outfits from behind

Each morning, on my way to the office, I have noticed that this is the season of tourism.
Each day I blast through small crowds of visitors with their maps (always maps!) and their backpacks and comfortable shoes.
Each day I marvel at how different they are from the locals.



The unofficial uniform of the city. Great belt. Fabulous cuff bracelet. Comfortable yet chic shoes. (not shown)



A man in white shorts and running shoes. Also, they were holding hands. Unusual behavior here at 8:05am.


Summer art school students. In florals and bright colors. Clearly from out of town.


Shorts and white tee shirts? White tennis shoes? Not From Here.


A whole family in shorts and white tee shirts and SANDALS. Sandals are a very dangerous business in my city. One oughtn't wear sandals here.


Narrow, fitted short pants and sandals? AND a fanny pack?


This photo illustrates the differences perfectly.
Man On Left lives here, Man On Right...well, I don't even know what to say.
Brazil, perhaps.

Now, here, is an exemplary summer outfit on a local gentleman.


Cotton madras jacket, no socks, white-soled oxfords, crisp white shirt.


Stripes are always good.
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with dressing like a visitor, I'm just saying I can spot them.




Duyvken said…
I love this post - thanks for the morning giggle.
L.P. said…
That first outfit does look pretty perfect.

I love what your well-trained eye finds!

(p.s. I can comment! It has to be on Safari, though, Firefox just won't let me. Bastards.)
raych said…
Colors and florals.

This is how everyone knew to ask us if we were lost.
islaygirl said…
i need that skirt.
Hilary said…
Love this post!

Reminds me of a few summers ago we spent the night in the city where one of our out of town friends had a b-day party. we had coffee in starbucks across the street from the hotel and we played the "local or tourist game" - we used a lot of the same tricks you did :)
Terese said…
I remember working in the cities of Pittsbugh, Boston, New Haven and New York in early 1994 and trying to change the way I dressed, snow shoes for the street and heels in the office with a lot more accessories. Like matching shoes and bags. Something I never do in Sydney. My sister lives in L.A. now and she dresses like she is always on holiday. Nevertheless I love seeing BBs posts of everyday people out and about.
dervla said…
ha love this locals vs tourists post. It is SO obvious, you just know when you see them. Why do tourists always have really clean shoes? Did they buy them just for this trip to the city or is everywhere outside of NYC really clean??
RW said…
I loved this post.
so funny.