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I spent 90 minutes trying to put a Pinterest button on my blog yesterday morning, which resulted in my wearing a cockamamie outfit to MFAOA's house for the annual barbecue.
We had a great time, laughed very very hard for the infamous gift swap, and enjoyed the pool.
Now the real weekend begins...which means laundry and cleaning and perhaps those lemon bars I read about.

Gizoogle that shiznit.

These lemon bars. (It may be too humid.)

We sang Bohemian Rhapsody on the way home from the Instrument Solo competition every year.

Here's a sweet little cartoon. Does anyone call them that? Animation.

I have not listened to this piece yet but mean to as K and I are fortunate enough to be asked to people's vacation homes and work hard to be good house-guests. I hope, after listening, that we find we have succeeded.

Here's a good story about biking in my city. K bikes for exercise and we are all very proud that he does not wear lycra shorts.

Great mashup. That's what it's called, isn't it? Old. I feel old.

I watched Notting Hill last night. I've been thinking about London, but forgot and was completely absorbed by Elvis Costello, whom we have always loved.

And so, I leave you with that.

I'm sure there'll be more later.


Crazy Mom! said…
I love the delightful Mr. Costello. Very romantic song...The movie was kinda fun too.

We are drowning in rain here in the Sunny South!

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