an (edited for the internet) announcement from my boss, the CEO

I am happy to announce that my amazingly competent and effective Executive Assistant, has agreed to take on some additional responsibilities...and will now add Manager, Corporate Events to her title.  She will continue to report to me. 
I'm sure you'll join me in wishing her the best with these new responsibilities and in thanking her for her ongoing and significant contributions to the company.

57 congratulatory emails later it's starting to sink in that I've gotten a promotion.

For a couple of years I joked with my boss that I was jealous of my co-workers getting promotions while I never did. As an executive assistant there really wasn't anything I could be promoted to. But, as time passed, my job became less complicated and, after the big gala in January, I had less to do.  Several conversations later, we figured it out.

It was an exciting day.