a 4th of July IM with Middle

AIM IM Today 9:04 AM


Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 9.12.29 AM

bb: epic eagle
     sorry if the door woke you

Middle: it didn't

bb: the air caught it

Middle: here's one featuring ron swanson


bb: well, that would be good if I knew who that was

Middle: a nice collection


bb: THAT'S my favorite

Middle: ok, here's clinton protecting an aligator with "the button"


bb: what the f?
     monica never looked that good

Middle: who knows who that is

bb: I like how his pants are open 
      that's the dress from the dry cleaner
      everyone knows that

Middle: i wasn't really around for that
     damn it i'm playing as the commies in this game
     wrong day for that

bb: He has his sax!
      why an alligator?

Middle: beats me

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 9.37.09 AM

bb: nice. very colonial.
      consider this blogged.


L.P. said…
WTF indeed. Thank Middle for me, I got a good laugh out of those.
Paola said…
I LOVE Ron Swanson!
alice c said…
Wait - I thought that it was illegal to disrespect The Flag? Especially on the Glorious Fourth Of July. I'm mighty worried now.

Have a great day anyway - I hope you are all eating pulled pork and apple pie and suchlike.
Gill said…
Happy Days...22 new posts from Say la Vee today...I guess whatever it was has been resolved.
Thank you.
Normal life has resumed. Happy Fourth of July from the old country.
blackbird said…
I re-burned the feed.
Glad you found it!

Duyvken said…
Wow, you guys really do love guns. Happy 4th!