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It's still rainy season and it's not very warm, which I appreciate.
K and I are going to visit Poppy at her house on the coast next week and I cannot imagine it will be beach weather...not that I'm complaining.

Anyway, in preparation for the sea-coast life as well as a family party in July, I ordered 15 (!) bathing suit pieces from LandsEnd and am here to report that I found two that actually fit (and GOD, am I exhausted). Apparently, I am a six on the bottom and a two on the top. We agree that that is ridiculous, yes? Believe me when I say: my top is as big as my bottom.

Meanwhile, I sized out of my single pair of blue jeans yesterday. They were a size 4, so I went across the street to Old Navy (I do not spend a lot on jeans) and grabbed a couple of pairs of 6's.
No dice. 8's? Still too tight. I am a 10. The pair that no longer fit were about four years old. Three sizes in four years? My weight probably fluctuates 8 - 10 pounds so I'm a little confused.
I blame three things: age, wine and homemade ice cream.


That's some bittersweet dark chocolate ice cream right there and, if you are over 50, you might want to steer clear.

I was watching some television with Middle last night and we discovered the Horror Film Tells.

1. Things falling or dripping upwards. A bad sign, especially if it's water or blood.

2. Bleeding from the eyes. Need I say more?

3. People with no skin.

At the first sight of any of these things I change the channel.

Best outfit of the week, on the way to work:


Best lunch:


Romaine, blue cheese, cranberries, walnuts, red onion, lemon and olive oil. $5.

Look what was on television!


Finally, I vote for Trinidad.


dan renzi said…
Have you tried Mexican chocolate ice cream? It changed my life.
Hilary said…
I don't think it is you - I think it is the jeans - sizes are strange and they change what sizes mean - if you really were a 10 that 6 bottom wouldn't fit you, would it? And if it is you, I couldn't think of a better reason to change than chocolate and wine
L.P. said…
I totally understand (going through a similar thing). I try not to pay much attention to numbered sizes—I mean, I can be anything from a 4 to a 10 (surely even larger if I tried anything haute couture).

If you gave up chocolate ice cream and wine, you *might* be a bit thinner, but would life be as fun? I think not.
Suse said…
Trinidad wins hands down.

On a related note, son #3 pointed out the other day that if you say 'beer can' it sounds like a carribbean person saying bacon. Probably doesn't work with your standard American accent though. Pretend you're English or Australian.
kt said…
bring on the bittersweet dark chocolate ice cream......I'm over 50 and SO HAPPY TO BE HERE!!!

How did your friend's "Jeopardy!" audition go? I had a blast. And ate amazing El Salvadorean food and enjoyed being in the desert for a time, too.
Scot said…
I went clothes shopping today! Yea Me! I bought Levis. The sizes differ depending on where they are made but are usually somewhat consistent. Did you know the Levis made in the USA are twice the price of the ones made in sweatshops elsewhere? WTF!!!
I bought an XL shirt at Old Navy, an XL shirt at Eagle Outfitters then lost weight at JC Penny's. A large fit quite nicely. I bought a Van Heusen shirt. What the hell has happened to men's shirts? The cut of so many of them have the arms angled downwards! It's very uncomfortable and if you lift your arms, the shoulders bunch up and the entire garment lifts up. Perfect for Stephen Hawkings but I lift my arms up regularly, don't you?
I have about half a gallon each of very strong Espresso Ice Cream (K's recipe minus the Heath Bar) and roasted strawberry rhubarb w/basil ice cream in my freezer right now, or at least until I finish this comment. I also have Ina Garten's recipe for Salted Caramel Ice Cream that I want to try. I'm not about to give that up. I'll just keep shopping at Penny's. I'm thinner there!
BTW, I also bought socks, underwear, sheets, some blu rays AND I got my annual haircut Thursday!
56 is starting out nicely!