the internet is...well, you know

K is attending an industry event today and I am going to clean house (bold for emphasis), so here are some wonderful links from around the world to amuse you.

I'm always browsing at these dresses. I love the look of them. I think I'd be a little mutton dressed as lamb in one, but they are pretty to look at. I've had my eye on this one for a party in September.


Do you like/might you decorate with paper garlands? I make all different kinds for our house at Christmas time but this one is almost cheaper than making it myself...and pretty too.

We had a fun double date with a friend from work and her husband, yesterday afternoon, and while it poured down rain outside we had beer and egg and pickle sandwiches here. Delightful.

Middle is screamingly bored with this kind of thing.  I sent him the link last night: if this is another "we rented a slow mo camera for a day and did stuff!!!!" video... but I still like it.

And, jaded though we all may be by Apple ads (and I do believe they have gotten very predictable) this one moves me.
I see the city so differently with music in my ears each morning.

When it gets hot again I'm trying this recipe. I haven't had good cold sesame/peanut noodles in a long time and I keep trying. Remember the year I made the sauce for them to take to Cape Cod and forgot it in the refrigerator here? That recipe is a beast to make (I don't work well with tahini) and this one seems easier.

This cracks me up. And grosses me out a little too.

This is better. So smart.

This has been around but is still funny.

Do you have one of these? We use fresh herbs all the time and then we put them in a glass of water on the counter and a week later we throw them away. Do we need one of these or would I simply take them out of the $22 container and throw them away? Thoughts, please.

I've saved this on my desktop for two weeks to show you. It's lovely.

I have an awful phobia (which I will not name here) which I must deal with from time to time. One evening, last week, K met me at work so we could go home together (he had a meeting nearby) and I came face to face with the thing I am afraid of and fainted. He managed to hold me up and calm me down and then get me home but I'm wondering if anyone out there has done this.
Let me know if you have any experience, please!

Finally, for the bunch of you here, on line, and IRL who expressed concern about my job "transformation," let me reassure you that it is all positive and promising, and you are all very kind to have worried.

And now, I'm off to do laundry.
Happy Saturday!


CoutureByAyca said…
Thank you so much for including my recycled magazine paper garland and special thanks for your support HANDMADE!


Anonymous said…
I love the iPhoto ad, too, and I especially love the piano background music in both of them.
Scot said…
That beautiful music from the Apple ads is by Rob Simonsen. He writes wonderful incidental music and full movie scores for good - Life of Pi - and crappy - Seeking For Friend For The End Of The World - movies. He also writes for TV shows and advertisments-Apple, Starbucks, Adidas, Nike etc. You can listen to much of his beautiful work at or his own site at
I wish both ofthose ad were about 10 minutes long. His music dances with your soul.

STOP THROWING AWAY THOSE HERBS!!! Buy a dedicated ice cube tray (or 2) take the leaves off the stems and put them in a section w/ about a 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of water and freeze it. I've tried this with every herb I buy and it always works! Then when you need it you can just drop as much as you think you need right into your recipe. (Thanks Barefoot Contessa!)
Paola said…
Oooh Scot, that is very interesting about herb freshness saving, will try.
Fainted? Must have been BAD.
KPB said…
I'm not happy about the mullet dresses.
KPB said…