some links because it's too hot to write

I cannot get over this video.

It's God's to-do list, week two.

I am in love.

I want this.

This picture is exactly how it feels here, but not necessarily in a bad way.

This blogger is wacky and I am loving every second.

I never thought I'd read a "mommy blogger" but I am somewhat transfixed.

I might need a food hugger.

I love looking at weddings.

I can't.


L.P. said…
I briefly owned one of those BillyKirk canvas-and-leather bags. Found it too hard to open and close. On the other hand, the Market tote I bought from them 4 years ago is still a favorite and worth every penny...
Anonymous said…
Awesome links. I thought young Mr. Bueller looked adorable.