June 1, 2013

I attended an industry event this week.
Huge crowds, noisy, hot, but interesting and, on some level, important.
I interfaced with the public and observed the state of the business I work in.
And then a funny thing happened.
A woman approached me and asked me if I remembered Sharon Potter who, of course, I did, and went on to explain that after reading about Caleb's accident here, on this blog, she became
real-life friends with Sharon.
She was attending the same event (with thousands of other people) and sleuthed me out, recognized me, and guessed that the person who was standing in front of her was the person who writes here.
She was very kind and left me in a bit of a daze. It took me a couple of hours to snap out of it.
I assured her, as she promised not to tell anyone about her discovery, that it wasn't a big deal.
And it isn't. But I was sort of stunned for a little while.


We have rental bikes on just about every other block in our city now, which would be great if it weren't for this -


yes, of course, 108 in the car is really only 98 on the street. But 98 on the street is pretty hot. I'm not sure about renting bikes (they are meant for short trips only, not by the day) but I could have used one twice this week: back to the office after the industry event and to travel uptown to see my sweet little cousin. I'm going to do some research and see what might make sense if any of us are interested in bicycling anywhere. Here's a great story about biking! (If the link doesn't work, google NYT Bike Share Derby.)


K and I went to the thrift shop last week and saw these. Those people are getting ice from the lake and bringing it to the ice house. Is lake ice clean?


I can see me doing a puzzle (I love to do puzzles) but I don't seem me purchasing the framed puzzle you completed.

After that we headed over to a new butcher/grocer which sparked all kinds of amazing cooking at my house this past week.


 K made popcorn with maple cinnamon pepper caramel. Amazing.


We took a trip to Fairway and had cheese that tasted like Holland.


 We roasted beets on the grill.


 K did a lobster mac and cheese.

It was a busy cooking and eating week.

And I got recognized.


Rae said...

I wish I could had been there, at that industry event, sleuthing you out. :)

Scot said...

Lobster mac and cheese sounds wonderful! K is an adventurous cook. I admire that.
I'm making (very strong) coffee ice cream and - guess what - I found Medaglia d'Oro Instant Espresso! 10 tsps for a 4 quart machine. I used to use Starbucks instant espresso but this is so much better, and a hell of alot cheaper.
Are those bikes motorized or are they pedal power?
I remember Sharon & Caleb quite well. I've often wondered what became of him.
108°!!! What's up with that? You guys move to texas or Arizona?

Paola said...

108°F??? We're wearing coats here, unusally and rather cold, rainy and overcast ...
K is KILLING me with all the goodness he prepares ...
I have no idea how that woman found you, it is a pretty bid deal indeed. And nice.
I adore Fairway ...
Scot, if you can find Kimbo, try that!

kmkat said...

I am still puzzling over how she recognized you, since you do such an thorough job of NOT showing faces.

Minneapolis has a bike share program that is wildly successful -- it's called Nice Ride. Makes so much sense.

robiewankenobie said...

my guess is was the shoes. you do chronicle your footwear in detail. also, and more importantly to me, what is the recipe for the popcorn?

Susie Sunshine said...

Of course you got recognized, your fabulousness is impossible to hide.

And no, lake ice is not clean, they were cutting big hunks to put in the ice box and keep their stuff cold AND in the house because fancy refrigerators that break down hadn't been invented yet.

Scot said...

Colorado Springs has a bike-share program also. Well kinda. The police call Bicycle Theft. I've donated THREE bikes to the program. Three bikes and I'm out!

L.P. said...

Your anonymity is slipping away! I also suspect the footwear.

I don't know about lake ice, but I do remember when rain was actually pretty clean. We'd save it and wash our hair with it in the summer (was supposed to make it soft and shiny). That seems like ancient history.

Suse said...

I was recognised once but the woman didn't say hello, she commented on my blog that night and said she'd seen me during the day. Slightly odd feeling.