home again, home again

The great thing (well, one great thing) about leaving grown-up children home and vacationing without them is that their lives move apace and they barely miss us.
Both Oldest and Youngest got sick (different minor things) whilst we were away and they each went to their doctors, fetched their prescriptions and took care of themselves. I suppose that's completely normal - another stage of development, but I barely had a call from either of them.
We left easily reheatable leftovers from earlier meals but they found their own meals and made their own way...while we explored old forts, had a blissful picnic, a luxurious dinner out, and did some shopping.


At the market, stocking up on ingredients for K's lobstah corn chowder, I spied this amazing array of cakes ready for decorating. No pastels on the sea-coast baked goods.


We doubled back to see this submarine. On land. Next to the highway.


It was just house after beautiful house.
I should have gone for more than one walk around the neighborhood.

Kicking myself for not buying at least one of these.


We're pretty serious picnic packers - and yet...we had all the cheese and pate and charcuterie in the fridge, Mr. Buxom and K had a location in mind, and it took minutes to reach the destination, set up the lunch, and relax.


After we ate we stretched out in the shade and could have napped had we not been so enchanted by each other's company.
K and Mr. Buxom had never met but turned out to be fine companions. And while Poppy and I were never worried about them spending time together, it was an added bonus that they enjoyed themselves and additionally lovely to have both of them as friends.

Back to work tomorrow - and let me just say: I need to go on a diet.
I've said it.
Some of my clothes don't fit properly and I'm very disappointed with the way I look and feel.


RW said…
It's the cheese.
We have extremely limited our cheese intake.

Glad to hear you had a lovely time.
I definitely feel as we are in a transitioning time with my own two....
alice c said…
I'm terrifically glad that you had a fab time but I'm glad you are back. Never mind about the not-needy children, please remember your needy friends.

And yes - what RW said - stay off the cheese if you are going to fit into those hipstah jeans.