great outfits from behind, mostly

An occasional series.

I snap photos almost every day, whilst walking to the office from the train. Sometimes they end up too blurry for me to comment on the shoes, but sometimes I get lucky.


This guy on the train was almost too accessorized for my taste, but he looks great, especially when one considers the trend in accessorizing men of late, which makes me shudder.


Maxi dresses are everywhere and I love them. Somehow they seem perfect in the heat, unexpectedly.


I really loved this outfit. She was very tall and slim and looked cool even though she was wearing pants and long sleeves. There was some sequin/beading going on around the neckline. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, this lovely woman was too young for her outfit. At best, I could say she was in her mid-twenties and dressed early forties.


I know you wouldn't think shiny beach-glass-colored leggings would work, but they totally did.
It took some work, in 90 degree heat, to get this picture. She looked great.


Can you EVEN?!


This lady totally ROCKED those shoes. Amazing.


Finally, I haven't "blackbirded" anyone in a while, but I couldn't resist when this lady got out of the car in front of me. Her outfit was fabulous, though subtle, and her shoes! I couldn't resist.
When I told her she looked great she said: thanks, but I'm in for trouble. I can't walk a block in these and I should have brought flats. Ah, the things we do, eh?

We have muggy, miserable weather here for the weekend, but K and I are being treated to a fancy dinner out tomorrow and it's nearly holiday time.
Coming up next week: even more meetings regarding the morphing of my job, a British Beer Bash at the office on July 3rd, and The Fourth On The Fifth at MFAOA's house.

What are you up to?
And why are there more of you out there reading here of late!?


RW said…
It's our holiday weekend right now. We had a great Saturday doing nothing ... well we did things but nothing orchestrated. I indulged in reading Martha Stewart magazines from the library, the Saturday edition of one of our national papers; walked, BBQ'ed and we are about to start watching the Newsroom. Have you seen it?

kt said…
Yay! Time for Samuel Smith's Organic Lager! Mmmmmm!

We got hooked on The Newsroom during a recent free preview me some Aaron Sorkin! We kept waiting for the mention of one of the lead ladies in heels and lead man's white shirt....

Holiday here, too. We had planned to head to Victoria for Canada Day on Monday, but don't think we'll make it this year. Still, it's nice to have time to yutz about the house (read shave and wash dog, putter in the yard, clear off the kitchen table and get the girlie some (ulp) driving practice). And it's not even raining! Wheee!
Duyvken said…
Perhaps we are reading more because you are finding such lovely things to post we can't resist popping in to see how things are going chez vous. I always love stopping by.
Paola said…
It wasn't definitely directed at me :( I've been MIA for almost a week. I envy all women (or men) who can walk on such heels. ENVY!
Unknown said…
I live in a smallish town so I love to read/see about what you are seeing/doing in a larger metro area. You tell us a lot about your family but also keep deep details at arm's length. I find your posts so interesting so please keep filling us in!