Dateline: Tuvalu

I am sure you are all wondering what's happening over here, and there is plenty. Sort of.
On the other hand, we're all just going about our business.
Everyone is busy.
Oldest is tattooing.
Middle is shooting.
Youngest had some time off but is about start a summer job (rather than an internship which he had hoped for).
K is taking meetings and I am about to have a sort of job transformation. I'll have to figure out how much of that I can write about, but it's very exciting.

Also exciting (not really on the same level) is the nest just below our window upstairs.
K rigged a camera and then realized that although we can see the parent-birds entering and exiting, the doorway seems to be on the other side of the nest. Lots of chirping at our house.

I think that's about it for now. It's hotcoldhotcold here. One cannot predict how to dress.
Such a thing.


alice c said…
Oh! Oh! Oh! I am verrrry excited for you!

(about the nest - obviously)
L.P. said…
Exciting news all round!
Paola said…
What a lovely sound, including the train and the familiar sound of our roads. Yes, your roads sound different from here, don't you agree?
Singh Style said…