May 12, 2013

Usually, for Mother's Day (which I dislike), my boys and I work on the food drive. Sadly (or not) there were no available shifts this weekend, which is good, I guess.

I took my Jeffrey Campbell shoes back to Nordstrom yesterday. They had cut my feet to ribbons and made me very angry.
Middle needed to do some shopping so he went with me.


I have a problem with these as men's socks, fyi. Coincidentally, Middle received the socks he just ordered. They're a little different.


My mom will be pleased to note that he purchased socks as she is well aware that I failed in all matters of socks for my three children - since they were babies.


We patiently wait for the giant watch phase to pass.


 Middle is contemplating a skull.

Walking through the mall I spy the Tesla showroom: want to go in and look? I ask naively.
Do you think I care about cars? He spits without missing a beat. Bus man's holiday.

We stopped in at Urban Outfitters.



I just realized that I touched that book and THEN the hand sanitizer.

I think it might be hard to put my phone in my pocket with this case.



Mrs. M, take note of this lunch box.

 Flasks for the whole family.


But we had the best time in the Disney store.
I love princess dresses.... -



My favorite one comes with hair.
And Middle loves stuffed toys and costumes.



He really wanted to buy Youngest an Iron Man costume.
Then he got lost, in the Disney store and could not find me...I pictured

I got the best present ever for Mother's Day.


Delivered by my favorite UPS guy.


It's every mother's dream.


Duyvken said...

Oh that rapunzel hair headband, how wonderful! I wonder if I could make something like that? Sounds like a lovely day, bb.

Hilary said...

The book and the hand sanitizer killed me... too funny....

As for the tesla, next time you need to take a look / test drive... it is mind blowing... it is like driving a great big Ipad....

alice c said...

I don't eat offal at lunchtime.

kmkat said...

I have some hand sanitizer called "Bitch Slap Those Germs!"

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

I personally hate socks and will only wear them when it is -10 outside. But I did buy them for my boys, sometimes.

I had to buy that book. Three copies.

Paola said...

Now you got me intrigued ... what is a Tesla? Off to check.
Meanwhile I am laughing at the lunchbox ...
Nice gift for Festa della Mamma!