The Scene: bb and K have a cheese and sausage platter before them.
Wine has been poured.
The television is being consulted.

bb: what's that you've clicked on to there?

K: it's the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models show!

bb: yeah, I'm not sitting here, eating cheese, watching that.


alice c said…
Why not? What could be nicer than a cosy evening together watching Swimsuit models?
Anonymous said…
It was purely random. I swear.

Crazy Mom! said…
I'm with you, BB

Fie on Swimsuit models, K!
kmkat said…
Yep. I'm with ya, bb.
Scot said…
Oh really? And just what do you have against cheese? :o)
Paola said…
I would have drunk all the wine and finished the lovely sausage platter while he stared at the screen. Randomly. ;) You know I <3 u K!

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