May 22, 2013

random with beauty

I walked through the flower market this morning.


I bent down and took a big sniff of these gorgeous lilacs.
Smelling is free! the florist shouted after me.


Have you seen Flickr's new landing page? Perhaps if you click on one of my pictures you can. It takes some getting used to and I'm still learning how to navigate it.


Have a look at this, will ya? That is some kind of crazy lamp-shit right there.


Have any of you used facial oil? Is that even what that stuff is called? I'm curious and this stuff has been recommended.

This is the best list of words we don't have. READ.


Will you look at what's sprung up (been inflated) around the corner from my office?! The problem with the Big Rat is that it is usually impossible to understand the leaflets that the rat-men hand out. It's always about a union violation of some sort but never really clear where it is taking place or what the violation IS. Just a lot of jargon about injustice.


I do believe, on some level, that the world of graphic design may be ready for some new talent.
This lovely truck is from a heating and cooling company (as if that wasn't obvious).


Nope. No clue. Don't know where I got this photo or what it's about.

I'm still debating the new Kate Spade Saturday shop. Thoughts?

I am hopelessly smitten with Fredericks & Mae.

I'm keen on this guy too.


kmkat said...

I loved following Cmdr Hadfield on Twitter. He tweeted the most gorgeous photographs and poetic descriptions of same.

dervla said...

Yes I use argan oil on my face and love it. I use Josie Maran's brand, you can get it in Sephora. I mix a little bit in my moisturizer am and pm. It dries in really quickly and you can use it on all parts of your body, elbows etc. My bottle has lasted almost a year i think:

Paola said...

How lovely that you get to see all those beautiful flowers on a daily basis, I'd be seriously tempted but understand that when you have something regularly handy it becomes normal. Oil on my face, never tried, but I see Argan oil even in food these days! I'm not a twitter otherwise I'd be all over that gentleman. Interesting. No on the bag, sorry.

Kahina Team said...

Thanks to the recommender of Kahina Argan Oil! Not all argan oils are created equally - some are mixed with other oils (despite being labeled 100% pure), some are overprocessed and deodorized, and some are made with nuts that have been, let's say, pre-digested by goats (making them rancid). Our argan oil is personally sourced by the company founder, Katharine L'Heureux; she makes several Morocco trips every year. This means Kahina can do very careful quality control checks and also ensures that the women who are doing the work of cracking the nuts are fairly treated and compensated. Kahina packages our argan oil in violet glass which protects the antioxidants from UV rays that can destroy their anti-aging benefits. Let us know if you have any questions - we'd be glad to answer and/or direct you to a retail location nearby.