Love (presently)

cherry tomatoes dipped in salt
dark chocolate ice cream (made by K)
the clothes I bought at Muji
the end of freshman year (for Youngest)
lunch with the Travel Agent
not reading the newspaper every day
lazy weekend mornings
the new laundry schedule
all the bicycles in town

Hate (for the moment)

boss travelling extensively
cracked cuticles (mine)
hot weather
the little roll round my middle
people who "work so hard"
soap with bits of stuff in it
the way the city smells
razors with more than three blades


Duyvken said…
...and what, may I ask, is the new laundry schedule?
Anonymous said…
Same question!

My cuticles are a disaster. My feet are a horror show. Just say no to raw tomato!

That is all.
Paola said…
You might not know but I am known in the family (only close) to go and smell people's luggage freshly open from arriving from your neck of the woods because I MUST get your town's smell. I can stay in there for a while too. Mom thinks I am a lost cause ... sometimes I cry when I do that ... I am not ashamed to admit. I sniff and I cry ...
Anonymous said…
I love it that you keep posting.

I hate it that I don't make the effort to comment.

I just totally copied this idea.