let's see...let's see

It's been raining pretty steadily for a couple of days.
I'm going to make some cookies today* and do some ironing. (Side note: do I want a streamer?)
You may sit and look at these:

A friend at work has this tee shirt and while I abhor American Apparel I do like it.

This looks interesting.

There is nothing like an actual paper greeting card. Ecards are not the same.

Max's mom is his style icon and, aside from sounding amazing, he's very dear about it.

Fucking Homepage usually provides good videos. This one is a treat.

The post on this wonderful home took me here and here. Great stuff.

Creepy? Fascinating? Funny? Hard to say. I was squirming and laughing over this trailer.

Nasty tweets.

Do people outside New York city realize that no one in New York city really cares about Donald Trump?

Do you sing your 90's songs the way you hear them?

Why is it so damn hard to find things like this for less than $300 outside of Japan?
Quotidienne, my friends.

*A note on the cookies: they are awful fresh out of the oven and warm. Let them cool!


Crazy Mom! said…
Save me a cookie for me when they cool.

Love the card. I want to see the movie.

The lyrics made me snort!
Paola said…
I did see, I laughed, I giggled, I admired.
Scot said…
I'm making ice cream - bring the cookies!
How did your cookies come out? Are they soft and chewy or hard and crunchy? I'm making roasted strawberry/rhubarb ice cream with basil and those would probably be great with them. Ice cream sandwiches anyone?
Just as an aside...my birthday is mid-June. You know, just in case you wanted to make more cookies.