just a few videos

I am pleased the attendants wear gloves.

First tastes, slo-mo, lovely music. Olive!

I don't really care about either of these actors or the vehicles, but it's a great spot.

Brag, brag, brag. K produced these commercials, you read about them here, now here.

In other news: Oldest had an appointment with his tattoo artist idol, Oliver Peck.
That's Oliver on the right.
Oldest was mistaken for Oliver one evening and that is why HE WILL NEVER SHAVE THAT RIDICULOUS MUSTACHE.


kmkat said…
Wow. That Spock/Spock one has gone viral.
Scot said…
Nwxt time I feel lonely I'm going to go stand in the doorway of that train!
Sorry to say this but thats a great mustache, needs a little trimming but other than that it looks like a keeper. Tell him I said never blow your nose in public and ALWAYS make sure these a mirror around when he does. Always keep it clean, nobody wants to see that!
Paola said…
So, is that train shoot real? For realz? BAH.
You go K!!!!! And I wouldn't mind that S7 Audi ...
And don't tell me the man on the left is Oldest ... but he got a good hint from Scot
Paola said…
And those toddlers? Precious.
This post was fun from top to bottom!
I also think Oldest's mustache is Epic.