May 4, 2013

I've had a busy week.
I don't know why, especially, but it was one of those weeks where I kept thinking I had things under control and then some little thing would crop up. I'd set a meeting and then find out that someone had not updated their calendar and wasn't available, or discover an email I hadn't seen that required more immediate attention. By yesterday at three I'd had had enough of it.
And, damn, if Friday hadn't started with this -


Jeffrey Campbell makes cute shoes that ALWAYS CUT ME.

But, wait, there are better things to see...

You remember that I walk past/through Youngest's school on my way to work each day, yes?
Well, Thursday was the last day of class for the Illustration students and they were given chalk...




If, by chance, I am running late for a morning meeting (and by late I mean I'd like to arrive 30 minutes or so before anyone else who might be attending the morning meeting) I take the subway, where I have spied this little family:


The brothers take turns quietly torturing each other whilst the very handsome daddy sits calmly and slightly sleepily. If one brother is on his lap (the little one on Friday) he seems to always be affectionate to the other  brother - note his hand on the big brother. Big brother recognized me from earlier in the week, I think, or it could have been my headphones, and smiled then hid in his dad's jacket arm.


I have not switched to a cold morning beverage. I know you're on the edge of your seats. I did get that travel locked in, in record time, I might add.


Recommended by DW. Noted.


The ever-complicated, always intense, completely mysterious (to me) workflow of my next-door work neighbor. I know what she does for a living but I'd be hard pressed to explain HOW she does it and would assume most of our staff would be equally as ignorant of how difficult her work is. This, too, falls under The List of Things I Could Possibly Take Up At Work But Must Weigh The Importance Of.
Such as:
Maybe we should have some kind of forum at which people like my neighbor have a meeting (or blog post) which describes what they do and how they do it.

Perhaps I should organize the dozen or so women who are continuously infuriated by the condition of the ladies room.

I've heard the kitchen is to be updated. Will I be involved? Won't new kitchen acccessories be stolen as other things have disappeared? 

Could I possibly organize an Entire Company Secret Santa? 

Middle came into town and took me to lunch yesterday. A treat!
He had so much to tell me about that I marveled for a few minutes as he is so quiet most of the time. For some reason he was brimming with stories and plans to explain.


That's the wallet his friend W made for him. His friend W graduated from Very Important Art School and is involved in fascinating work now.  You remember W.

And what am I doing this weekend?
You'll be fascinated to know that I am going to the dentist and putting away the winter things.

Special note to my friend S, who texted me her new haircut late in the day: I hope you still love it!
K approved as well - he loves long hair, esp with bangs (don't you say fringe?).


Paola said...

Oh those kids look adorable.
OUCH, hope the blister is not bothering you too much, it looks pretty bad.
Nice chalk art.
That slow motion blow up IS amazing.
Kitchen renovation!

Terese said...

Oh dear if you are putting away the Winter things then Blackbird, I must be getting them out. This year the shop I relied upon to buy jumpers and cardigans at has relocated and I have to travel to the other side of Sydney to visit them. I love your fashion posts, as Sydney is bereft of all of these styles. Nevertheless I love to look at them. Enjoy Spring and Summer, they truly are the best seasons as we get older.

dervla said...

ouch, your poor heels!! Hope you treated yourself well over the weekend. i saw a lovely herbal foot soak on a blog a few minutes ago but now i can't find it for you. It involved lemon slices and rose petals.

Suse said...

Yes we do say fringe xx