Our Youngest is 19 today.
He's the dearest young man.
Somehow, last night at dinner, he consented to not only listen to the story of his birth but asked questions as well.

Carefully planned to be born in the middle of May - and then further planned between the doctor's vacation and K's shooting schedule, we chose the 17th to have him as 7's and 17's figure heavily in family events.

He was a good baby, a thumb-sucker, and I loved having him around when his brothers were at school.
Someone once teased us that we'd always have "a little kid" in the house, but we never minded. Our little kid always had the most enthusiastic and fun-loving spirit.

He's finishing up his freshman year at college. His grades are impeccable. He wears the best outfits ever, and is a trusted and sincere friend to his classmates.

Youngest and I are on our own tomorrow. We have big plans for an afternoon in the city.

I'll tell you all about it.



Loretta said…
Happy Birthday, youngest! Your days sounds like fun. I know for a fact how sweet it is to have that youngest child around!
Crazy Mom! said…
Happy Birthday Youngest! Happy memories BB! More to come!
L.P. said…
Happy Birthday to your Youngest! He sounds like a fine young man.
kmkat said…
I read your first sentence and thought, OMG, Matthew's (Younger Son) birthday was yesterday and we totally blew it off! We had been talking about it and deciding what to do, but when the day came we forgot.

Thanks to you and Youngest (happy birthday, Youngest!) for the reminder!
raych said…
This post gives me the Happy Sads for when Eleanor is big.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Youngest!
It's great to hear how we'll you're doing :)

Anonymous said…
WELL*. Sheesh.

Paola said…
Here I go. First I wish him a happy birthday 10 days before and now ... I skipped tha date. Yesterday was a very bad day for me, if I can excuse myself although it's not me to forget dates, especially the ones so close to my date ... I should be seriously worried now. Sorry!
Six years older than Felix to the day. Happy birthday Youngest, it's been a privilege watching you grow up over the last 7 or so years.
Duyvken said…
19! Happy birthday Youngest.

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