So, there's this.

Then, this may be our new favorite store.

Do you use Vine?

OMG! Star Wars Uncut is going to be at the Tribeca Film Festival?! I am IN several scenes!

I might need some of these.



Do you find it paradoxical that this commuter would have a big run in her tights whilst carrying a $2500 handbag?

This lady

had the most amazing pencil drawing of a person's foot and shoe - and she was working on it, standing, on the subway!

How's the weather? You could go with this


 or you could go with that -


 I am going with these.



Be sure. Be safe.


alice c said…
"a pleasant and unique aroma...evoking an exit from the material..."

Is this a cry for help? Don't do it bb we luff you.
Anonymous said…
That handbag is a fake. I can tell by....well, by everything about the owner.

Exciting about the Star Wars! wow.

Suse said…
You are in several scenes? Are they on yooftube?
Paola said…
... and I can see her underwear!

So, everyone will be able to see you now! You'll be more famous than you are right now.
Scot said…
OK, I went to the Blackbird store and am now totally intrigued by the Archer Room Spray in Hunting Lodge. Does anyone think that smells as good as it sounds? I'm gonna try real hard NOT to order that.

As a side note, I wouldn't have even noticed that girl's underwear if Paola hadn't mentioned it. I don't know if I should say "Thanks Paola! or "Gee,...thanks Paola..."
Scot said…
Are you anywhere close to the Blackbird store? I want some of those red plaid socks but there's no way I'm paying $10 shipping for a $12 pair of socks! I spend less than that for a 10 pack of socks from Hanes. If this is workable, let me know and I'll send you some money(not $22 though!)

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