I should call every post Random.

It's hard to remain optimistic, isn't it? I am still haunted by those photos of the 19 year old suspect in Boston. Yesterday, Youngest wore a baseball cap to school and I had to ask him to remove it.
Though true, this is funny as hell.

Then I read this. Lovely, yes?

And last night was Pibil again


and it was STUPENDOUS.

I finally beat Paola at Words With Friends!
She's been KICKING MY ASS.


Okay, and, I'm actually pretty happy with today's outfit, so I guess I will shut up.



L.P. said…
Love your outfit, love it!

That pibil looks mouth-watering. I'm begging you to stop posting such tempting pictures of meat! (just kidding. kind of.)
Suse said…
You gorgeous wee bird, you.
RW said…
Is that a backpack?
Your hair ... wow.
You look lovely.
Paola said…
Oh, you look stunning, beautiful. And I LOVELOVELOVE playing with you!
alice c said…
shoulda worn the shorts
you could rock the silver/gold look
just sayin'
Anonymous said…
That is a WONDERFUL outfit. Thank you for the funny Onion thing, the beautiful poem and for the pibil. Maybe you should play Words with Friends with my husband. He's REALLY good.

Anonymous said…
He looks like our kids, like our kids' friends. He's barely more than a child, alone, wounded, afraid. Then one remembers that he went back to college, lived in the dorm, didn't say a word to anyone about what he'd done.
OK, I've just spent some time catching up (I have not read a blog, any blog for more than a month. The earth has clearly tilted on its axis.) and am
1. Envious of the size of your frige. And we have a BIG fridge.
2. The poetry thing makes me intimidated of your intellect. My poetry knowledge is limited to a lady from nantucket. Or some such.
3. The list of plagues that didn't take is excellent.
4. What happened with the movie job offer?
5. There are still "insurance salesmen". America, you enigmatic creature you.
6. You embody a sense of style I aspire to while in reality I tend to look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards.
7. I've never even heard of that pibil creation and have no idea what I'm looking at.
8. That is all.