hither and yon

It's freezing here today. 40's.
I'm not looking forward to what is about to occur, which is a shift from the 40's to the 80's in a matter of weeks.
Yesterday I had to remove my undershirt, today I'm wearing a turtleneck. Feel for me, people.


Saw this and was inspired to do this.


I had meant to take a before photo but was too embarrassed. And this speaks volumes, doesn't it? The first photo all twee and feminine with its florals and then my dresser all done up in black and candles where the roses ought to be.

My new work friend sent me this lovely bird.


I was at Anthropologie the other day (I know, I know, we broke up) and I didn't even see anything I wanted to buy (big step)but, of course, I was intrigued by this business.


Meant to be beach glass (too heavy?) I think it was wax. You know me - I'm always looking at crappe to hang from the ceiling. SERIOUSLY. I have a thing for crappe hanging from the ceiling.


 Weekend mornings. Nuff said.


THIS can only mean ONE THING. The mask is scary enough to make you pee. Honest, I was shopping on drugstore website (and not for those pads) and this is the page I got.

Let's play Kim France.
Talk me out of these.
Kim, if you're reading (as if) please weigh in.


Perfect for thigh-hiding, no?



This terrific Scottish guy is steaming our freezer and fixing it.



I shit you not.


Crazy Mom! said…
No on the pants. Sorry.

I like the Haggis guy!
alice c said…
I am afraid that hareem pants always look as though they are covering diapers.
Scot...chillin' in Colorado! said…
Feel for you? Seriously? Its 27 degrees here and its been snowing on and off all day - AGAIN! Bite me (and I say that with a great deal of fondness!) Aren't you the person who wrote me and said, and I quote, "I'm not scared of no blizzard!"
That stamped ceiling kinda looks like the one in my livingroom. Which means you can hang stuff from ot with magnets. I do that all the time, just not crappe like that blue stuff.
Those pants are horrible.
Oh, by the way, I had a short Latino guy here tonight, working on my furnace. He left without getting it working. He'll be back tomorrow, hopefully.
Gonna be a cold night here at Casa Yates...
Thank god for my gas stove and my nice warm waterbed!...I better shower now, I get the feeling tomorrow morning is goimg to be miserable.
Hilary said…
I think I would kill myself in those pants... I trip over my feet on good days...
Paola said…
Here I was feeling weird about stating that I loathe harem pants ...
Haggis guy up there looks exactly like one of my cousin's husband.
Today is VERY hot here, and yes, we went from woolens to t-shirts in a matter of hours.
Anonymous said…
Stop! Hammer Time!

BB, you know I love some Eileen Fisher, but I just don't know WHAT she was thinking. Harem pants are not going to make a comeback, not as long as I have breath in my body.
Suse said…
I saw a girl in black harem pants yesterday and actually did a double take.

I wish Haggis Repairman had turned up in a kilt. A sporran would make a handy tool pouch, surely?
Eleanor said…
I saw those in an ad for Eileen Fisher, are they the same? They looked so damn fine on the woman in the ad that I have been obsessing over them for days. So I understand your strange attraction to them.

I shall not be purchasing said pants.

But I still think about them.

I can't explain it either.
Eleanor said…
If they were a lighter colour in soft cotton I reckon Journeymama would rock them.

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