April 27, 2013

a fine day out

I whined a little, a few weeks ago, about spending my weekends doing chores and going to the supermarket - shocking, I know, and my sweet friend C handed me passes and a parking voucher for the botanic garden.
I took yesterday off from work and, to beat the weekend crowd, off we went.


Things were not yet fully bloomed -


but it was still pretty wonderful.
We ambled.


I remembered bringing Oldest here over 20 years ago, with his Grammy.
And they both remembered when I mentioned it later in the day.


We watched lots of other people with their littles and I realized that we were neither the sets of young parents chasing after toddlers nor the old people shuffling slowly.
K pointed out, rightly so, that our generation was at work on a Friday morning.


We spied boulders from New Jersey and the Adirondacks.


We admired water features.


 Sometimes the prettiest things are unintentional.


I might have loved the bonsai best.


I remembered that when I was little I would look at bonsai (I think we had a couple in my house) and imagine a whole tiny world around them.



Dozens of visitors huddled under the few blooming cherry trees posing for pictures. Many foreign languages were shouted as people aimed their cameras. These two fellows were my favorites - shouting and pointing at one wife with the tripod and then quickly finding their place to pose, hats in hand.
They were very dear.


We went for ice cream afterward and then walked in the sunshine, to keep warm, back to the car and took the long way home past our old apartment where I cannot even remember living.

And then, in the car, on the way home, K got a call from a famous movie company who asked about his availability for the next month -- and so we shall dream about that for the weekend.
(You know, I am superstitious and never talk about calls such as this, but this one is so unbelievable that I feel safe mentioning it.)

Thank you, sweet C, for the day in the garden!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Happy weekend, bb. I'm going to a colleague's wedding this evening. We are dressing up!


kt said...
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kt said...

Looks like a lovely day.
Hope the weekend brings more and more delight.

Suse said...

Oh that is so what i need. I too grumble that my weekends are spent in the kitchen, at the clothesline and in the supermarket while everyone else flits about on soccer fields having fun. I think i need a garden visit!

Fngers crossed for the movie!!

PS Keep an eye out for the postman this coming week. I finally made it to the post office last week.

alice c said...

Can I skip straight to the end and say that I am crossing my thumbs for K? Is that allowed? I can go back to the beginning and talk about the cherry blossom if you would prefer.

Paola said...

I'll intertwine my thumbs with Alice's if helps. And all the blossoms are indeed gorgeous.