March 23, 2013

Tuvalu update

Middle is home, Oldest is coming for dinner (still house/dog sitting, much less eventful) and Youngest is on Spring Break.
K made the most wonderful dinner for my mom's birthday (baked fish with lemon and chives, frisson salad with poached egg!) and could use a work project
(attention please work-project gods).
Me? I'm taking a few days off.


I am still enjoying my Move Ap.
On this particular day I walked quite a distance to see my sweet niece's photographs at a gallery across town.


Beautiful girl, beautiful photos.
She's graduating soon and I'm so looking forward to where she heads next.


It is not Spring-like here, as you can see, but I've bought some Spring clothes at Muji and am going shopping with Youngest (a great shopping partner) on Monday.

Filed under Presents At Work:


New employee and new friend DW left these beauties on my desk the other day. Their scent is heavenly and, now that I know her secret source (TJ's) I may have to make them a regular purchase. Sadly, the very next day, DW broke her foot and is out for surgery and recovery...and I was just getting to know her! Four to six weeks...sigh.

I have ALWAYS wanted a set of these hysterical STOP TALKING business cards and another co-worker who was visiting a stationery show gave them to me!

Now...who to give them to....

This amazing surprise rounded out the week.


It arrived by special courier.
With a perfect card.


And contained the most gorgeous gift.


The most fabulous grey linen tunic.


Which, it turns out, is the perfect thing to build a new Spring wardrobe on.
Photos to follow.
Gratefulness abounds.
Amn't I a lucky girl?


kmkat said...

I picture that gray tunic with daffodil yellow and white polka-dot scarf and yellow shoes. Maybe yellow tights, too. Spring!

alice c said...

I'm smiling for you! What lovely treats to end the week.

L.P. said...

Fantastic tunic! Looking forward to seeing more pictures. And daffodils make the end of winter so much nicer. I was admiring them at TJ's just yesterday...

Suse said...

Ooh! Grey tunic! Nice.

RW said...

oh yes.
the tunic is lovely lovely lovely.
I am off this week coming up and rejoicing in the time away.
finally some days of sunshine
it has been wet and grey for most of March.

Wendy said...

Beautiful tunic!
May we see what you purchased at Muji, as well?

blackbird said...

Yes - going to have to do a Muji update.

Paola said...

Nice all around.

Lucille said...

Why isn't this available in my latest Toast catalogue? I am very envious. I wanted to start my spring wardrobe with it too.

Lucille said...

What a chump I am. It was there all the time. And a very nice blouse called Connie. Thank you kindly.

Magpie said...

i want those Stop Talking cards to hand out on the train.