the learning curve

My brothers (and their wives) and we bought my mom an iPad for Christmas.
Mom was pretty skilled with an elderly Mac, so we figured she'd make the transition to the new device easily. And she has...but those first few emails/texts were interesting.
This one in particular gave the extended family a new catch-phrase.

I asked her, in an email, if there is a senior citizen's day at our favorite thrift shop. Her reply:

There is no at unique but the aar addition àl  discounts most Mondays ànd all holidays
Even the stupid ones.
Al. Dal 

Sent from my iPad

And so, now, when we meet on the train, or leave each other's company, we tend to wave and say
Al. Dal

PS: She has no idea how to make the accent marks over the a's, but that's okay, we don't either.


Paola said…
Now I REALLY feel STOOOPID. I had given Fabio a MAC for his birthday and I admit I can't get get used to it.
OH, adn we had to bring it back as it doesn't work.
Yes, a branda new Retina BLAH BLAH BLAH which cost me $$$$$$$$$$ broke after only 3 months and I still don't know what the hech is going on.
So, my hat goes to your lovely mom!
Anonymous said…
"Even the stupid ones." Awesome. But what is Al. Dal? I still don't know. All Day? As in all day discounts?

Also, I adore Paola.

Poppy B. said…
jbhat, I join you in Paola luff.

bird, you add the goofy accents by holding your finger on the letter until a whole range of possibilities shows up over them. Mr. Buxom and I do the Monty Python Holy Grail. You knøw, the pårt abøüt the møôse.

Also, if you want to type in all caps LIKE DOOCE, double-tap the shift bar.

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