report from the office

As the CEO is traveling a great deal this month I am taking days off here and there.
I also tripped over the kindling basket in my living room and messed up my hands and my upper lip and my knee, so I did a little recuperating yesterday.
Whilst reclining, I emailed my office neighbor as we have been commiserating over some loud voices outside our door. We are unused to loudness in our workspace and I thought I'd check in and see how it was going. Has there been lots of yelling, I asked...

Not exactly yelling, but lots of repetition, such as:

"R, look up that blah whatever."
"Okay, but why do you need that blah?"
[N approaches R's cubicle.]
"I need the blah for this."
"But why?"
"The blah has to go into that thing and it has to be reported into that other thing."
"Which is the other thing?"
"Why do I always have to tell you about the other thing?"
"Why is there another thing?"

And this, my friends, is the perfect description of what goes on outside my door.
It is to laugh. Unless you have a headache.

Several important staff members are headed to London in April and I've gotten permission from the Controller to have a beer party one of the days they are away. Remember the Octoberfest I arranged in October? Something along those lines. So, English beer (suggestions?) and, what? Salt and vinegar potato chips? Let me know what you think.

This weekend one of my most favorite work friends and her boyfriend are coming to dinner. K is going to do a roast pork loin with fennel and carrots and potatoes and I'm going to make Guinness brownies.
We need it to be cold enough for a fire in the fireplace and we'll be set.


A gift from Scot, with whom I might have a project.


I was going to say Foster's but I think that's Australian beer.
dervla said…
Can we have some Cadburys too??
L.P. said…
What a lovely stone! Can't wait to hear more about what you and Scot are cooking up.
Hilary said…
Guinness brownies? Those sound great....

Your office sounds remind me of mine.. but it is more like the way the walls are made. I hear my "neighbors" louder in my office then when I am in my own.. But then again, my building is just falling apart (the parking garage actually collapsed and the building has to park across the street at macy's - thank goodness they finally got a valet service for the patients at the dr's offices)
Paola said…
Gee, what a lovely office neighbour you have there ...
Please be careful and watch out for yourself! After which you should PARTY!
K's delicacies Always make me drool.